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  1. J

    (Commission) Selling: $20 SKETCH PAGE COMMISSIONS

    Howdy yall!! I'm in a bit of a tight spot financially and I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a sketch page commission!! Each page comes with two headshots, a chibi, and a full body! Examples attached!! If you're interested and wanna help a sister out, comment down below and send...
  2. StudioDogfish

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions NSFW/SFW $15-$55 Please help!

    Hello everyone! I am working on doing Commissions right now because im having some difficulty paying bills due to the holidays so please check my work out! Here are my commission details! www.furaffinity.net: Commission Info! by StudioDogfish
  3. J

    New to FA!!

    Heya friends!! I'm super new to the community. I don't necessarily see myself as a part of the community but I want to get better at drawing furries and anthros to expand my portfolio!! So as practice I wanna draw a few of your lovely OCs and fursonas!! Drop 'em in the replies and I'll do a...
  4. Khei

    Art Trade: B-Day week art trades?

    So my Birthday is coming up. (Nov 27) and my husband has the week off so I thought it might be a good time to see about art trades. What I'm looking for.. Art of my DnD Tabaxi Necromancer, Leaf. Leaf on Toyhouse What I can offer.. I am still without a PC so I can only do sketchy scribbles...
  5. mellottxx

    Commissions Open! $20+

    Rules & Importance ▰ I will not start drawing until payment received - PayPal or Venmo only accepted! ▰ If I am unable to accept your commission by any regards, i will return money 100% ▰ I only draw anthros, no humans, no NSFW, nothing sexual ▰ please email me for commission if interested...
  6. InvertSilhouette

    Sketchbook: Invert’s Art

    Hi! I’m InvertSilhouette (on most platforms that allow all 16 characters) and I make art of animals and fancy patterns. I’m not sure I want to post my sketch / WIP work to FA, so I’ll post it here (along with Twitter & Insta). If you want to follow just finished work, you can find it on FA...
  7. mister_digby

    (Commission) Selling: Quality Art for Discerning Tastes! - $10 - $600

    All Manner of Art by Digby I'm opening myself up to do commissions for various types of art! I charge $25/hr. Price ranges are estimates taking into account variations such as sketches/line art/flat colour/painting/etc. as well as details such as backgrounds, accessories, companions, etc...
  8. WimexSeven

    Made myself an icon!

    I'm new and I needed an icon, so I drew myself one! I really love dragons! It was supposed to only be a sketch, but it got a little out of hand lol On another note, I'll love to get to know everyone! I only signed up today and am rather new to the furry community ._.'
  9. DeviousRaptor

    (Commission) Selling: Custom Commissions from $5-$25!

    Commissions are Open!! Hello everyone! I'm opening commissions to help pay for my bills! A few notes to start: I'm open to SFW and NSFW, but I reserve the right to refuse extreme kinks and pedophilia I can do anthro, feral, human, and mech! I can do any number of characters, but it's normally...
  10. vampyric

    (Commission) Selling: [OPEN] chibi + anthro commissions + moodboard customs! ($5-$50 USD) ~ NEW 11/17

    hello all! i just finished putting together a price sheet the other night and have decided to accept anthro commissions! ^o^ help support me buying food for myself and my girlfriend and get some arts in return! <3 ~*!*~ purchase here through commiss.io! ~*!*~ ~ price sheet :) form preview...
  11. SheeraArt

    Sheera's Art

    Hello everyone :D. I want to share some of my artworks with you in this thread. I'm usuiually posting my art on FA and DeviantArt, but I think it would be nice to do it here, tto ;). I hope you like it! :) My FA gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sheeraart/ My DA Gallery...
  12. hetomy

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions! SFW/NSFW 30$ - 120$ USD

    Hello everyone! Commissions are open! Wont do: -Hardcore gore -Hardcor NSFW -Hyper muscles -Vore -Zoofilia -Rape Will do: -Full furies/anthro -Humans/humanoid -NSFW(nudity, porn is okay either) -Any genders/species -Bondage PAYMENT via PAYPAL, i send request for payment if you have a...
  13. XeronaArt

    (Commission) Selling: $30 - $50 COMMISSIONS OPEN

    Hey guys, I have some cheap commission slots open! I WILL ONLY BE USING PAYPAL! If you're interested please comment below, or DM me WITH A VISUAL REFERENCE OF YOUR OC / SONA! Anything with complex designs will be charged extra I will also not be doing NSFW for the couple sketches... I just...
  14. WildKitFox

    Critique Requested!

    Hey everyone! I'm a very new and still very rough artist trying to improve a new skill, and was wondering if you fine folks could maybe take a moment and critique one of my drawings? It's posted here: www.furaffinity.net: Harem Fox by WildFox373 I would greatly appreciate any thoughts you may...
  15. A

    Taking request again

    Hopefully i will get a few or some ideas today to draw or well sketch. Please post your idea bellow or even DM me your idea. My brains blocked on ideas right now and it would be a big help. Thank you very much for your suggestions.
  16. A

    Looking for request

    It feels like I get a burst of creativity depending on an ideas or help from my friends. I hate my brain half the time but then again through my frustration i make some great stuff. So today I am taking art request and see which sticks or even lands. My nopes are nothing that has to involve...
  17. Little_Blueberry

    (Commission) Selling: $5 Cool Sketches!! C:

    A digitized sketch for $ 5! OC doing what you want! for each extra character $ 3 + (3 characters max.) Mail: littleblueberry08@gmail.com
  18. Kaane

    Free Art: I Write and maybe Draw Things

    Notice: My queue is pretty full, requests are welcomed still as I'm trying to build up enough of a portfolio to be a commision-worthy writer and/or artist, but it may take a while for further requests to be completed. Request something, and I can write something for you. I'd like to build a...
  19. AzuelZorro102

    Hiring: CLOSED Looking for anthro sketch pages (30$ budget)

    CLOSED! I found people i'm looking for, thank you! --- I'm looking for anthro/furry sketchpages, preferably with at least two (2) fullbodies, varied poses. Will obviously accept more considering what your previous sketchpages may look like. Well thought-out layout for poses, that's all. My...
  20. Aqua-Spirit22

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Furry/human YCH - $13-$45 range, different options

    YCH open!! Will do -Human and furry -With lingerie or naked (I wont explicity draw genitals -basically it'd be a little doll like or hairy-, but boobs: yes) Options and samples: -Clean sketch only $13 !! color of your choice - sta.sh: 191001-kirsa -Rough painted $25 - sta.sh: Lunazol2 -Detailed...