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  1. Chairae

    (Commission) Selling: Sketchpage auction | Starting at 5 usd

    Open the picture and bid in the comments Leaving the link here just in case: www.furaffinity.net: (OPEN) Sketchpage auction by Chairae
  2. 00099988drak


    hey I'm looking for someone to do collaboration with. I'm hoping for someone to do the line art and I'll add the colour. Or at do line art from sketchs. I'm looking for someone who can do human or furrys. SFW or NSFW is allowed.
  3. Hellegg

    Free Art: Need Sketch Examples!

    Heyo! I'm in need of some characters to make sketch commission examples with! More complex or interesting characters will probably be more likely to be picked! for headshots I'm gonna pick three - @KD142000 - @Godzilla - And for fullbody im gonna pick two - @Leadhoof - @A Minty cheetah Im...
  4. Dubbie

    (Commission) Selling: Taking on $6 Sketch Commissions through Kofi

    Hi there! I'm opening up 6$ sketch commissions through my kofi page! If you're interested send me an email: coolpurpledudette@gmail.com or PM me on the forums. You can also DM me on twitter @dubbhae You can check out my kofi page here: Buy Dubbie a Coffee. ko-fi.com/dubbhae Here are some...
  5. silentpawss

    (Commission) Selling: Silentpawss commissions (starting at 10 USD)

    I will draw anything for the most part, and if I am uncomfortable with something we can discuss a small price increase and I will draw it regardless (except scat... my one no go) I will do character sheets as well - front and back with a headshot for 80 dollars - if you want additional heads...
  6. Photy

    (Commission) Selling: Art by Photy - starting from 50$ (price is always negotiable)

    Hello there. I am here to help you with any kind of art you need. I am open to any commissions, to any preferences (including style preference). You can also ask for nsfw, nudes, backgrounds, several characters, everything you can imagine. I don't have "won't draw" list. Feel free to ask...
  7. CelestialblueShark

    Request: 3 Slot Requests

    I will be opening some free requests but these will have some rules. ( I don't know If I am allowed too) -You have to be watching/following me at furafinity -you can only pick one character -No nsfw -send me a note or message or conversation with what you want 1-slot- 2-slot- 3-slot
  8. Firio Zifirion

    Sketchbook: My sketch book!

    I have a grate idea! I'll post my sketches evry 1-3 days with one furry species on one page only! That means if I finish a page (on forum) I'll start drawing different species! Lets start! :3 Protogen because I know how to draw them pretty well! Edit: I'll post them on twitter because there is...
  9. iaqo

    (Commission) Selling: $15 sketches

    $15 sketches, through paypal! Unlimited slots. Expect work to be completed with 1-2 days. :3
  10. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Hiring: [Closed] Political Satire Cartoon (50$ USD)

    Hiring for a modern rendition of this old political cartoon... ...with Boris Johnson in the place of Father Thames. Non color, but needing a fair level of detail. Will be posted to social media with artist credit. (Though you may request to remain anonymous). Sketch should be original but as...
  11. IdleCanvas

    Free Art: Accepting Sketch Requests (4 Slots) -Closed-

    * I'm taking 4 Sketch Requests (FREE) To enter post what you'd like in image or link form below. Written or image/style guide gallery links are also acceptable. Please be as descriptive as possible since requests are picked from posted info. If you're not comfortable or can't take the time...
  12. DepryRaer

    Free Art: What should I draw?

    So, i'd like to practice a bit, but I have no idea where to start. I'm thinking some very quick sketch done in a few minutes-half an hour max. Anyone has a suggestion?
  13. viverrinae

    (Commission) Selling: Sketch, Headshot, & Fullbody comms $10-$20 img heavy

    Once you pay me, you have all rights to the image to do as you please. Send payment at any time, but due upon completion. I draw anthro, felines, canines, and rodents, and I will TRY anything. For complex orders (complex designs, lots of accessories or plushies.) I do ask an additional $2 to...
  14. rembee

    (Commission) Selling: Digital Art: 5 slots+ ($20-$125+)

    ℙrice List Sketch prices are half of fully finished prices. a4 unless otherwise specified. OCs or Fanart. Social media icons: $45 ($20 sketch) Bust: $50 Torso: $80 Full Body: $90 With a background: add $35 to the base price. Additional characters/intricate highly detailed work: double base...
  15. polared

    Critique: input?

    okay, so i really want to open commissions on the forum, but i'm not too certain whether or not people would be interested in my art or not u.u i'd appreciate some input. i unfortunately only have three examples because i recently moved computers and couldn't transfer the files from my old one...
  16. howyummy

    (Commission) Selling: sketches, busts $15 for humans, $20 for furries

    gonna get straight to the point. im tired of working slow (aka linearting) so bc of that, i get underpaid. i wanna stop caring about being perfect. so to remedy that, im opening up sketches. no shade. no transparency. just a solid colored background. it will generally be sized at 1280px by...
  17. asthmacat

    (Commission) Selling: Emergency PWYW Commissions ($5 min.)

    I believe this is actually my first post on here but I'm trying to reach out to multiple places! Below is a journal I've posted on my FA page: "So I really hate to do this but my card was declined this morning and I have -$6 to my name and I’ve been waiting to hear back from job offers for...
  18. KellyAnne


    Hey, Gonna be honest I'm abit desperate for some money as lack of work atm cause my health. But I mainly do dragons and any other creature really just not humans. And you can pay whatever you want (£10+) Please send me a PM if you're interested and please be patient :D Heres some example of my...
  19. Bukkacrates

    Free Art: Headshot Sketch Requests [ closed ] [COMPLETE]

    Heya! Throwin' up an example for a request run. If you happen to see this post and it piques your interest, shoot something my way. Rules: - leave a comment, link reference of a character you'd like drawn - give me a sentence about them (ex. what's their personality like?) - Details will vary...
  20. NoirSaberCat

    YCH (Starting at 5 USD)

    I have this commission that was cancel due to unexpected emergencies from my client. I really love the pose of this sketch and don’t want to go to waste. This will drawing will be done within 1-3 days at most. Will start as soon downpayment is sent! I can change species for both Vivi and the...