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  1. knifewolf

    $20 Full-Body Sketches [sfw/nsfw]

    This is the NSFW version here! • All contact is thru FA or FA forum notes. • Sketch info: • Detailed sketch filled in with either white, solid color, or two toned gradient of your choice. 1 character is $20, two characters are $30. Content I will draw: NSFW, SFW, humans, anthro, gore, BDSM...
  2. Ruchiel

    Furry digital commission from 8$

    Hello, I would like to offer my services, if you are looking for illustration, reference of your OC of any kind, icon/avatar or just simple sketch... and more. I think I can handle almost every topic. ;) My galleries: Userpage of Ruchiel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net , Ruchiel on DeviantArt Here...
  3. Fennybat

    NSFW free help?

    So, i'm trying to practice art, and i'm wanting to practice NSFW stuff of my sona. I was wondering if someone could be awesome and do a quick sketch of my sona nsfw for me, and record it that way I could watch and kinda see how it's done by someone who is experienced?? I have a male and female...
  4. Quanlain

    Commission sale (50% off)

    Commission Sale Until 15-th of September Hello, i'm a fellow digital artist. Came from DA and drawing everything from sketches and doodles to fully coloured artworks with hard backgrounds. Where you can find me: DeviantArt - Feel free to Note me here Furaffinity Here's a small info and...
  5. Raidez

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions are open !! starting at $ 5

    Portfolio Artstation: raidez.artstation.com
  6. Raidez

    Commissions are open !! starting at $ 5

    - budget for the Reference sheet, send a private message. Artstation: raidez.artstation.com instagram:igor.oliveira210
  7. glazed

    NSFW/General Art Commissions - Transformation Sequences Available

    What I Draw - Pinups - Transformation Sequences - Fanart - Humans too! (NSFW) Commissions sheet and examples: www.furaffinity.net: Commission Information by glazed Visit my gallery with safe filters on to see examples of my General work (otherwise, NSFW): Artwork Gallery for glazed -- Fur...
  8. adiostama

    ◣ adiostama's Art Shop ◢ (Traditional + Icons! + Adoptables )

    ▶ ▷ CURRENTLY ACCEPTING COMMISSIONS ◀ ◁ ۰ • ● Furaffinity Gallery ● • ۰ More Commission Options will be Added Soon! Prices May Change in the Future RULES: 1. Any Gender 2. Any Species 3.Mild NSFW allowed 4. Must Have a Reference Click Each Image for FA Posting
  9. little.fox

    $25 Reference Sheets and more! (NSFW and SFW)

    I am doing commissions to help make ends' meet and to get an engagement ring for my partner! Currently, I offer YCH's, reference sheets (see below), line art, full body coloured art, and traditional sketches. I will be adding more examples as I draw them. YCH's: $8-12 for line art that you...
  10. FinnthePup

    Finn's Commissions! $15 sketches and more

    Welcome! I'm selling sketch commissions like you see below for $15! Additional characters + $8 Size is negotiable. Transparent, solid color, and gradient backgrounds are available. These will be SFW and feral only (no anthro or human). I can draw all types of canine, feline, equine...
  11. Xelwave

    PigMint’s art and sketch dump!

    Hi there lovely people! :3 I’m Xelwave the Striped Hyena! (formerly Pigmint(Pig) the fox)! Nice to meet you ^-^ So I’ve been hanging about for a while and I’ve decided to throw some work here in a sketchbook thread just to sort of get used to getting things out there, talking about art with...
  12. Lawkbutt

    Here's Some New Art

    My FA is here, if anybody is interested.
  13. E

    Looking for Artist for Sona Sketch

    Hey everyone, I'm not one for long introductions, so I'll just cut to the chase. I'm looking for an artist willing to draw a sketch/reference of my black bear fursona. Since this will be my first ever commission, I have no visual references but will be more than happy to provide a detailed...
  14. Kazibug

    Half Body Pinup Sketches! ($15 USD+)

    Hello everyone! I've started a summer sale for half-body pinups! They are $15 USD, and can have a color overlay applied for an additional charge. NSFW can also be done for an additional amount. As always, characters of all species and genders are welcome! Additional Details and Order Form...
  15. StaticSatan

    (Commission) Selling: [$15-100+] AUGUST SLOTS OPEN SFW/NSFW

    I take payment upfront before starting on your commission. Slot number doesn't determine the order I'll finish your commission in. Even though it says fullbody, I'm open for headshots, waist-ups, etc. Prices are the the same, but you're guaranteed I'll spend the same amount of time on your...
  16. thesoulcages


    - Paypal only - Payment must be done in 48 hours . - ANY species, HUMANOID, FURRY - female and male - Your character has to fit these proportions - hairstyle/ears/tail/feet etc will be adjusted to fit your character ^^ Any questions feel free to ask here's an example : line art: 10...
  17. Rytelier

    Commissions - sketches, flats and shaded

    Hello, I open commissions Terms of service:
  18. J

    Free Warm up sketches

    I wanted some requests to warm up with before I work on other projects! OC's welcome ofc! They'd vary from sketches to B&W to flats and simple line art or maybe even simple shading I've posted some examples of my art if anyone is interested. !!Or if anyone wants to trade the first image is the...
  19. FurryMuchArt

    Please Buy My Art

    Hi! I'm new here. You may have seen me on other topics. I'm trying to spread the word about my art site. Oddly enough, I'm not a furry. If I was, I'd be an albino peacock. Anyway, please buy my art. It's easy. Just go to furrymuch.weebly.com: FURRY MUCH - Once your art is completed, you will...
  20. Sultz Z. Wolf

    Toilet Use sketch

    I am looking for an artist to draw a sketch of my character Celiah using a chamber pot chair. I have a $20 budget for the commission. Please reply to this thread, or send me a PM here on FAF or a note on my FA page which is Sultz_Z._Wolf if you are interested in doing this sketch.