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  1. M14.H3nry

    (0/3) Colored Sketches

    I'm sitting in class bored and I thought I'd do some sketches. I would be doing them afterschool when I get home. I won't be doing them all only the characters I feel like I could do and feel good about it. Tell me a pose you would like your character in (0/3) wasn't meant to be there. I'll do...
  2. Shadow-Wing456

    Headshot sketches and drawings

    Hello! I’m open for Headshot sketches and full colored drawings. Mainly doing this to get practice in with more species and expressions. a sketch is $5 usd, flat color is +$3, lineart is $10 and fully colored/shaded is $20. I accept PayPal only please!
  3. Oriel Starlight

    I'm looking for a Sketch Comic Artist (NSFW)

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a artist who can help me with my sketch comic (NSFW). I'm looking for a artist who can convert story chapters into a comic and can do a style very close to this: drive.google.com: pmdcomiccmsc2pg4.jpg I'm looking for a price of $5 - $15 per page and will ask for...
  4. Sprite

    Need NSFW Reference for Chubby Herm (CLOSED)

    I recently purchased an adopt and was looking to have it fleshed out and defined better than its original, simplistic picture. The character is a hermaphroditic dragon with a heavyset, chubby build. I'm specifically defining their race as sea dragon. I have some specifications as to exactly how...
  5. Kaizou

    ★Free Ink Sketches★ NSFW requests OK!

    ★ Need to get some practice in, so I'll be taking any requests in the thread for an inked sketch like the one above! ★ I'll be picking out randomly, but I'll try to fulfill as many requests as I can. ★ It's not strictly necessary, but if you posted the art you got somewhere with a link back to...
  6. transparentChaos

    Free Sketches c:

    I need some good warmup material so why not do some sketches! Rules: First come, first serve Don't harass people for slots These are done in my spare time or as warmup for commissions, I might not get to yours for some time Please understand that these are not high on my priority list, but I...
  7. Kattling

    Animated Icons, Chibis and More by Kattling~!

    Hey, I'm launching my first bunch of commissions! ;u; Unfortunately my dayjob has cut my hours to a quarter of what they were, and I'm having to scrimp to make rent until I find something else. Sounds like a good time to try and make some people happy with art, and make myself happy by doing...
  8. Cypher333

    $5 Really Rough Sketches

    www.furaffinity.net: $5 Really Rough Sketches by cypher333 I find that I spend way too much time on my drawings trying to get them to a point where I'm happy with them. I realize that I need to put in a lot more practice so I want to try drawing 30 minute sketches over and over to improve...
  9. hisseefit

    hisseefits arts are for sale! colourful sketches and painterly stlyes

    hello its me your friend hisseefit! I'm off school right now so im stepping up my commission game - i've been taking commissions regularly throughout the year anyway, but now i have the time to take on new clients. exciting! i can draw humans, furries, feral, SFW and SOME NSFW - im happy to...
  10. CelestialTear

    Free NSFW o:

    I need help. I'm at a block and I need practice. Please throw me your wildest imaginations and dreams, pm me the most intimate details, and show me your beautiful characters. I need practice so I can get better and hopefully sell some. Plus, I just can't draw anything. Help, please! (100%...
  11. RubieOnyx

    Last of Her Kind (Sketch)

    Hey guys. How's it going? I'm in need of an artist who can do a sketch for me. Unfortunately, I cannot pay this week, as I have rent, though if you can wait a week, I can pay next week. I have a new character that I'm currently roughing out for a role-play and the more that I'm putting into...
  12. MoguMoguArt

    New Deer OC

    Hii all! I came here to seek help from the experts on drawing anthro characters. You see, i draw human females regularly and i don't draw anthro that much (although i'd love to get into it more) Now, i happened to do an art prompt involving drawing whatever prompt the fursona generator gave...
  13. petghost

    let me sketch your fursona

    i havent drawn furrys in so long,, so submit some and ill try draw them (to the best of my ability) warning: it probably wont be very good i'll probably make a collage of them all at the end and post it on my fa too btw edit: i wont do your sona if your ref sheet is insufficient
  14. Mynthprint

    Let me sketch your fursona.

    Furee sketches of fursonas ! I'm new here so just looking to build a portfolio. Single color sketches, you pick the color and what your fursona is doing.
  15. Skychickens


    Hello friends, furs, scalies, avians, and everyone else. I have recently earned myself a tablet and now need practice with it. For the past seven years I’ve been doing all of my digital art strictly with a mouse, but the programs I taught myself to use died with my old computer. Since things are...
  16. SageSlate

    Commissions - Sketch Halfbodies (OPEN, $25)

    Hello there, everyone! I'm opening commissions for Sketched Halfbodies for $25 USD ($30 USD for extremely complicated characters.) Payment is via Paypal, and should be sent after the commission is completed. If you're interested, send me a PM! (I accept all animal-type anthros, nudity...
  17. ditta_ragdoll

    Subjects for nsfw sketch/lighting practice

    Doing some excersizes with lighting/pose for shits and giggles, Leave refs for your babe and you! THIS IS A TWO CHARACTER FEMALE/MALE SET UP. Poses will be various Femdom set ups, so bear that in mind before you submit yourself! (pun intended) 100% will probably be pegging. Because It's fun...
  18. XeronaArt

    Commissions Open (NSFW okay!)

    Hi! I have commissions open for fairly cheap. If you're interested please go here to send an inquiry! What you will see below are BASE prices for a SINGLE CHARACTER! Prices can increase depending on amount of detail, multiple characters, and other things. I do also add on the PayPal fee to...
  19. RubieOnyx

    Birthday Arts

    Heyo! So, I'm looking to scour out an artist who has a knack for canines and muscles! I'm wanting to get something done for my boyfriend whose birthday is in April and he has a OC, though, doesn't have much, if any, art for him. I'd love to first start off with a sketch, before wanting to get...
  20. Inkblooded

    Free NSFW sketches (READ FIRST POST!!)

    READ THIS POST FULLY! I WILL SKIP YOU ON PURPOSE IF YOU DON'T PAY ATTENTION bored and need to do some NSFW practice. These will be rough sketches. i want to practice poses and especially 2+ characters so i need ideas for situations / themes / actions. please reply with your character's...