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  1. HyperPolka

    [FOR BEGINNERS] Yes, art can feel intimidating, you're not alone

    I've seen a few posts about being insecure or too self-conscious about learning how to draw/do art, so I thought I could bring some things that I've worked with being an art teacher for over 10 years. (brace yourselves this will be really long) I apologize in advance for any errors or confuse...
  2. Nocte Leum

    Sketchbook: Nocte's artbook

    Oh you know the deal, 'tis just a corner to post my WIPs, finished pieces and all the never-to-be-completed art projects
  3. MintyDog

    Sketchbook: Me a Dog has art

    Hello its me Dog (Fuzzle on FA). I have some recent arts I'd like to share and also post my upcoming works as well. I've been doing furry art since 2006 or so, I started out doing pencil drawings and scanning them in on my parents printer/scanner. After about 5 years doing that I got photoshop...
  4. Donomon

    Sketchbook: Donomon's Biomech Designs

    Heyo all, This year I wanted to challenged myself to do more detailed artworks, and I thought - well, there's nothing quite like biomech design elements for details! I've always struggled with doing detailed or intricate patterning. Lots of my stuff prior was more focused on texture and...
  5. Savarin_Divin

    Sketchbook: Savarin creations

    Greetings, I haven't been here too long, so I will make a brief introduction. I started my whole art anything furry art. I blame sonic, back when the genesis was cool. Though, my art looked nothing like the sonic artwork ever. One day I just stop right before my middle school years to branch out...
  6. ScourgeFeather

    Sketchbook: ScourgeFeather's Art

    I saw we could make sketchbook threads here and I think that's a neat idea, so here's the thread for mine. c: I only have my most recent piece to post here now, but I'm looking forward to dropping new pieces and some experimental stuff in the future! I wanted to break out of giving my chars...
  7. BurritoFart

    Sketchbook: Dump

    i was cleaning up my computer and found some old sketches, i cleaned them up and figured i'd share
  8. AstroRey

    Sketchbook: Sketchdump!

    Hello everybody! Here Ill be tossing some of my sketches for you all to see :) Are they worth seeing? I dont know! But here we are jajaja Some of these sketches are commissions in progress, some others are my homework, or personal characters.
  9. soulbox

    02's Sketchbook

    Hey. This is where I post my art. Starting off with this one. A collab by me (coloring) and ohmiyoni (sketch). It's my main sona, Dani.
  10. F.lee_art

    Sketchbook: Flees sketchbook!! (And mini comics)

    I draw thangs
  11. spontaneite

    Sketchbook: Sponty WIP Showcase

    What it says on the tin. Thought I'd show off some WIPs. A couple of dragons (one an OC, one a character from a fandom): And lastly, some initial detail on my first ever practice sculpt in Zbrush: I started work on the body yesterday, which has been something of a learning process...
  12. Bananapop

    Sketchbook: BananaPOP!

    I saw these sketchbooks are a thing here and got so excited. I love showing off my art and getting feedback, so I'll be posting new art in here regularly. From personal art to commissions as I finish them! These are some my most recent works! I am a SFW artist that specializes in semi-chibi art...
  13. BunnyMouseFox

    Sketchbook: BunnyMouseFox Sketchbook

    Wanted to make one of these :) Here is some of my recent art!
  14. FlannelFox

    Sketchbook: Old Paper, New Sketches

    I've had this old sketchbook that I've been carrying around for years and it's making me mad that's it's not full of cool stuff so I'm gonna try to change that. Just finished the first page:
  15. PrismaticRabbit

    Sketchbook: The prismatic arts

    'Sup, thanks for stopping by my sketchbook :D I'll be dumping here my (mostly) daily sketches and doodles, sometimes a completed piece that don't get to see my galleries :D If you want to see more of my art feel free to check on my DA MCRarts - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt (mostly TLK...
  16. Fishie-Lips

    Advice on what to sketchbook for Patreon.

    There's probably a better place to post this, but it relates to art so I figure this place is as good as any. I'm creating the bulk of a Patreon for the webcomics HoneyBooBun and I are putting out. Aside from the comic I don't end up doing many sketches (to maximize page output) but I'm...
  17. Spinel Wish

    Sketchbook: Spinel Wish's Sketchbook

    Hi, Welcome to my sketchbook, I would like to share my work and progress here, I'm practicing new techniques and approaches at drawing so I will post here my sketches and stuff I'm not comfortable posting anywhere, feel free to ask me anything about art, and also if you could help me improve...
  18. SheeraArt

    Sheera's Art

    Hello everyone :D. I want to share some of my artworks with you in this thread. I'm usuiually posting my art on FA and DeviantArt, but I think it would be nice to do it here, tto ;). I hope you like it! :) My FA gallery: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sheeraart/ My DA Gallery...
  19. KD142000

    Sketchbook: Mapping The USA

    Hello, all! I'm currently undertaking the gargantuan task of mapping one place from each of the 50 states of the USA. So, as and when I complete them, you'll see them here! NOTE- I won't be showing maps anymore, as I aim to sell them later. To see them, please go to my Trello page- Trello...
  20. P

    Sketchbook: Art by Puddinsticks

    **Edit; Please don't ask me to draw you 'freebies', and please don't try to befriend me just for free art. If I'm going to draw gifts, I'd like it to be when inspired by a design or for people I'm on friendly terms with. Thank you for understanding and respecting my feelings. I also am not...