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  1. narutogod123

    Sketchbook: Blackstarin123's Sketchbook

    I'm just posting my artwork here Furaffinity
  2. ShortConcepts

    Sketchbook: Short Concept's Sketchbook/Art Dump

    Included here will be an assortment of my pieces, typically with 1-3 pieces per post! FA link will be posted below it for easy access! You can also find my work here! Short Concepts is creating Illustrations, Paintings, and Animations! | Patreon Short Concepts (@short.concepts) • Instagram...
  3. Sinclare Lovelace

    Sketchbook: Sinclare's Art Dump. (Some WIPs included)

    I know I tried making this sketchbook thread for a little while and it just....didn't work with editing, so I decided to try this again. Most of my work is human anatomy, but I have some okay anthro and other species as well as some bad ones under my belt, might as well share them all. Very...
  4. Narcissa_x

    Sketchbook: The doodles of a witch

    Hello everyone, I'll be posting my art/doodles of my OC's here so please let me know what you think. It'll be a mixture of finished art and just random doodles. Thank you for visiting!
  5. ReeseCapeesh

    Sketchbook: ReeseCapiche Rough Sketchbook! :)

    Come take a peek! Lemme know what you think and what i could improve! This is just my scribbles and animal practice and a few other random things.
  6. FuzzleTheMintyDog

    Sketchbook: This Minty Dogs art in 2019!

    So far.. 38 Years www.furaffinity.net: 38 Years by Fuzzle Armin Birb www.furaffinity.net: Armin by Fuzzle Wind and the Sun on a Bun www.furaffinity.net: Wind and the Sun on a Bun by Fuzzle Fire in a Foals Eyes www.furaffinity.net: Fire in a Foals Eyes by Fuzzle How is it 2019 anyway...
  7. Katriel

    Sketchbook: Katriel Draws Pokemon, plus! Katriel Draws Animals

    Six favorites from 2016-2018: Sneasel Scientist: www.furaffinity.net: Lab Coats and Glasses by Katriel Mareep Trio: www.furaffinity.net: Mareep Trio by Katriel Electabuzz: www.furaffinity.net: Electabuzz Sketch by Katriel Oddish soaks in sunlight: www.furaffinity.net: Oddish soaks in...
  8. ClumsyArtist

    Sketchbook: ♥ Art & Stuff ♥

    Some sketches of what I might use as my fursona... As well as sketches and illustrations in general.
  9. Doodle Bunny

    Sketchbook: Doodle's Official Sketchbook

    I think I do have an identity now. I didn’t like the negative start to my last sketchbook. So here’s a new one. Anyway, my sort of work.
  10. giyufluu

    (Commission) Selling: sketchbook auction

    all info is here! www.deviantart.com: traditional sketchbook auction! (dainties included if you dont have a DA account, feel free to bid here or msg me on discord @ adara#2449
  11. tinybuggy

    Bug's Art Dump

    My dedicated thread for my art. Mostly commission work although occasionally there might be a personal piece. Razum-Dar from ESO My Cathar character from SWTOR My dog dude I draw from time to time Cat portrait commission Dog dude again Some sort of mutant thing Commission...
  12. FiveLizardsInATrenchCoat

    Trying to Stay Productive

    Yo! I'm FiveLizards, an animator/illustrator. I can't really share what I'm doing for work right now, so I'm just gonna dump stuff on here in between meetings and the drawings I get paid for, haha. This is the lady I'm using for my icon, I used to play her in Dnd. She was our group's damage...
  13. Sugardraw

    Sugardraw's artwork

    Hello! I'm new here and I wanted a place to put my drawings. I hope I did this correct. :p If you want to see some more of my drawings go to my FA page Userpage of sugardraw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Or my deviant art: sourceplain on DeviantArt My sisters character Kita (yellow dog) and my...
  14. Lawkbutt

    Lawkbutt's Digital Art Journey

    Hello all! I'm just posting this thread so I can show off my learnings while practicing my digital art. Here are some examples of what I have completed just recently: My FA is here if anybody is interested!
  15. BaoBun

    Fan art! (And a day's comparison)

    Hey!! There's one fur suiter that I follow (who also makes fursuits) called @itssofuzzy on Instagram! She has a really cute fursuit of an angel dragon called Munchie! (I'll be adding this info to the pieces when I post them to FA and Instagram!). I also wanted to show my progression too! I...
  16. BaoBun


    Hey!! I'm still a very new beginner both to drawing furry art and art in general! I've been drawing on an off for the past several years but constantly lost motivation. I'm having oodles of fun drawing furry stuff and I've found some motivation to draw like never before! I've been drawing...
  17. coldbrew

    WIP Brewery!

    Been back for some time and thought I'd start a sketchbook again, but actually put stuff in it this time. I draw like a gajillion stuff at the same time going back and forth to avoid slacking off on a piece, so posting sketches or updates here might help me concentrate better. Like a sort of...
  18. Anjeka

    Eli's Arts

    It's been a million years since I've done any sort of furry art proper so I figured posting stuff here would encourage me to keep at it. I'll start with the icon I doodled up for myself this morning EDIT: Hmmm well its good to know what attaching a file vs copying a url does. Duly noted
  19. FurryMuchArt

    Please Buy My Art

    Hi! I'm new here. You may have seen me on other topics. I'm trying to spread the word about my art site. Oddly enough, I'm not a furry. If I was, I'd be an albino peacock. Anyway, please buy my art. It's easy. Just go to furrymuch.weebly.com: FURRY MUCH - Once your art is completed, you will...
  20. rayjart

    big ol art dump

    hey! i'm brand-spankin new here so here's a dump of some stuff i've done on in the last couple months!