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  1. S. Zissou

    Thumbails & Portraits

    Hi! I'm Zissou and I wanted to post some sketches I've done over the last five months.
  2. NachoCheese

    New to the Site, Sup :)

    Hello! I'm new to the site, but so far its been super welcoming. Just wanted to say thank you. :) Here's my first piece for the site, it was quick but its nice to get back in the drawing groove after school ends. This is my avatar right now, I'm just calling her Nacho Cheese. I guess that makes...
  3. Skychickens

    Chickens of the Sky

    Sometimes I just like showing off artwork. Originally it was just supposed to be a "I'm trying to learn my tablet" and "since my gallery is a catchall might as well show off what I am proud of" thread but now it's just be shamelessly self-promoting. I did some color adjustments and minor...
  4. Beaknose

    Sketchbook: Beaknose/Emperoar Art

    I figure I may as well put a thread for the stuff I make here too. All of these are finished works I've done this year, including commissions. January: (commission for silveredgreen) (concept sketches for some personal characters of mine) (attempt at doing a simple comic layout) (another...
  5. DoeDog

    2017-18 and recent stuff. Feel free to ask whatever.

    I want to share some of my sketches here just for fun, hope you like them. Also I hope to be able to add more as the year goes on. Feel free to ask whatever you want, and I'll try to answer the best I can. *edit I forgot to add my FA page in case you wan to see other stuff I have there...
  6. miki.tikus

    Miki's Art Thread

    Art shop/Commissions here Hi Guys! I'm new on this forum, I'm a digital artist, working in photoshop. I like to work in a really wide range of styles, from cartoony to realism. I'm a big fan of musicals, a veteran (if infrequent) Neopets user, and a qualified physicist. I exhibit at cons...
  7. j-leo

    K.K. Sketchbook

    First thread, hi! I made this thread as a place to share looser sketches done between pieces or as warmup/cooldown! (above is fanart!)
  8. sketchrabbit

    rabbit's art thread

    hey everyone! I usually post my work on my FA account but I also hoped to start my own sketchbook thread here too. I hope you like it. ^^ Thank you for looking. I'll start off with my most recent drawing for the first post! it's of my character Estella, in a sailor moon theme.
  9. Pompadork

    art dump hell!

    Hi, I'm Benzie QuietInThePeanutGallery and I-BARELY DRAW FURRIES :eek: This is what all the cool kids are doing right? (ok and maybe I'm an art attention whore but shhhhh) aND now im gonna spoiler tag everything else so I dont offended anyones non furry liking eyes
  10. SarcasticSpook

    Spook's Art Hell

    So even though I'm hella new to the forums I... really like sharing my art n stuff aha! Granted I probably should be uploading more to my FA account but gotta take things one step at a time! Anywho! This is where I'll be putting some of my art/doodles that I've done! Maybe a few WIPS too who...
  11. Denji

    Denji's daily doodles

    So, as a challenge for me I want to do atleast 1 sketch per day to try and improve in some way. I will also include some other art if I end up doing some. I don't have access to my computer since the motherboard is broke so there's not gonna be anything digital for a while. First things...
  12. annethecatdetective

    CatDetective's Sketchbook

    Forum newbie starting an art thread, just to show off some of my assorted stuff. Starting out with my fursona-- most of my early sketches for her have her as a D&D-style rogue/bard, basically the character I'd be playing if I was doing tabletop gaming right now merged with my cat girl...
  13. Aila Anne

    Aila'a Art

    Hello everyone! This is my sketchbook. Comments, and/or critiques are welcomed! Anything that's NSFW will be hidden, nothing explicit will be posted here. More to come!
  14. EmberFang

    EmberFang's Scribbles

    Hi! This is my first post in the forums, I hope I'm doing everything correctly. I'd love to get some feedback on my art: constructive criticism, things you'd like to see more of, things you'd like to see less of... everything helps. Here's my latest piece: I feel like it might be too dark...
  15. KinkyDesign

    Kinkys mostly NSFW Art Dump, including Game-Art

    Hey there people with good taste, welcome to my Sketchbook, where i post different kind of things i create. p.s. i will also cry a little about my life as an Artist and my current Projects. to start things off, here are some pictures from,for and about my current Game Project. this is...
  16. drymarchon

    Drymarchon's Sketchbook and WIPs!

    Welcome! I'm Iris, aka drymarchon! I'm a digital artist and designer as well as a college student. I'll be posting finished works, WIPs, and chatting about art. Stick around and chat! A little about me - I'm studying ecology and have a passion for all animals. I keep and breed exotic...
  17. insomniverse

    Insomniverse's Stuff

    If you're interested, you can check out my FA gallery here! Hey there! I just kinda wanted somewhere to dump all my recent digital art haha. Here's a commission I did of this lil guy from Flight Rising! I did this piece while I was testing out Picarto last night. Thinking of doing another...
  18. Chakisuu

    Traditional sketchbook full of drawings (mixed media)

    Description: - Sketchbook is THIS ONE - Size is: 14,8 x 21 cm (6'' x 8'' 1/4). - Paper is 120g/m^2 / 56 lbs - 50 pages. - Material for coloring is: Color pencils, watercolors and markers. -Since pages are kinda small/medium sized I can do two characters or less per page. READ RULES PLEASE: -...
  19. Luku_Zuku

    Sketch Dump...

    So, I do a little art... and I'll dump anything here for now...... For now.. I got a thumbnail to show of my fr, Luku...
  20. Sinkio_Vitrell

    Tantric's (Sinkio's) Recent adventures

    Good day! I just thought I'd share some of my recent works and W.I.Ps Below: "Your own personal Jesus" Medium: Acrylic Alan Rickman - Dr. Lazarus Portrait of Mom And lastly, a current digital WIP. I'll be posting more as I do more work, hopefully I can keep this updated this time...