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  1. Ruthxa-Prime

    (Commission) Selling: Commissions for you

    Hello there!, I am looking for clients to continue drawing furry characters because I like doing it, so I want to work for you, im able to draw any kind of animal and humans send a message for quotes please, prices start at 30+ usd and 60+ usd (for the different styles) and i do SFW and NSFW art...
  2. Cottonwood

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional Art ($15-$23)

    Things are weird in the world currently so I am opening up commissions to get through these times. Prices: $15 for a full body ($20 with color) Shipping within the US is $3, if you're international, we can come up with something! Payment is through PayPal only, if your country does not have...
  3. morbid-cutie

    Looking for a Skullsuit (Skulldog) Mini Partial?

    Heya there hons, I’ve recently built up a bit of money and have decided to use that for a Mini Partial of my babe Radioactive~! Unfortunately...I haven’t been able to find anyone that fits my needs and price range...I was wondering if anyone does/knows someone who does semi-cheap skulldog...
  4. Zrcalo

    Beginner foam fursuit heads!

    So I'll be teaching my girlfriend how to make foam heads. Thing is, I already have a fiberglass resin head that's nearly done. I was wondering if someone wanted to buy it completed (its a canine head) so I could input money into training my girlfriend. Not only that, but what is the current...