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  1. Bxb777

    Making a skunkgirl

    Hello everyone! Over the past few months, I always promised myself on making a skunk girl character. I have been getting distracted a lot and I never really got the time to actually draw her. The reason why I want to make one is because I always imagined my Skunk OC, Marcus, is a lonely boy...
  2. D

    Should skunks be bathed once or 100 times a day?

    Just curious. Ya know skunks... Should they be bathed just once a day, or more like 100 times a day?
  3. Simo

    Poll: How innocent is Simo the Skunk?

    Well, I think it is pretty clear I'm a totally, or at least mostly innocent 'lil sugar-cube skunk, though, I will say, there have been a few naysayers, and I can't imagine why :P Here's your chance to vote, and prove my innocence in the court of furry opinion.
  4. Rooooox

    Open Fun Commission Deal featuring your OCs with my Skunks

    Here's the journal explaining it With All of the Prices! Your OC SFW or NSFW with one of these two Starting at $15! Note me or comment if you're interested!
  5. Guifrog

    Foxes vs. Skunks

    I'm a bit scared this might trigger a fight between species, but now I got curious. T_T So what's with the rivalry?
  6. Simo

    If you were a skunk, would you intentionally spray people?

    Well? 'Course I would. And I have a long list...might take several lifetimes, just here in the DC area alone! :P
  7. Izzy4895

    Should all skunks be tickled?

    Everyone knows that skunks are cute and fluffy, yet the apodictic mountain of evidence indicating that they are even cuter while being tickled is apparently a book sealed with seven seals. Have you ever seen a skunk break out in peals of uncontrollable laughter after tickling his/her foot-paws...
  8. Simo

    Why are skunks so wonderful?

    Yes, time for a wholly objective poll here, about skunks! What makes them so awesome? Multiple choice poll, select as many choices as apply... Also, they are very modest, no?
  9. Rooooox

    Get your Sona drawn with a cute skunk dude

    www.furaffinity.net: Low Priced Jimmy Commissions are Open -- Rooooox's Journal For cheap right now I'm taking commissions of my character Jimmy with Sonas, OCs, and any character you can think of!
  10. Rooooox

    %50 Off Commissions Featuring Jimmy(I'll Add Your OC!)

    Hi! This is Croxovergoddess or Rooooox on FA and for my first day back taking commissions, I'm doing a kind of fun and silly deal where any commission that has my flirty Skunk Boy Jimmy in it, is Half off my regular Prices! I'll draw him with your OC! The Journal is Here! www.furaffinity.net...
  11. TheCreator2017

    New Guy Here

    I'm new on Furry Affinity and came here hoping i could find some collaborators. I'm working on a few works already - the furry related one is "The Modian Association" which I've almost finished the first season for. Are there any artists out there who want to collaborate? Or perhaps someone who...
  12. Simo

    Skunks (and Skunk lovers) Unite!

    Any others out there with a skunk fursona? I do have one friend here of the skunky variety, but I'm wondering if there's other members I've missed. Or, any members who might be skunks as a 'secondary' or alternate fursona. So let's see some stripey butts. Skunks shall rule the Earth!