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  1. SkyFurCreations

    $1 Royalty Free Art (Critique)

    Hey, SkyFurCreations here, and I am selling really detailed Royalty Free line art for only $1. I would love if you all could critique my work and tell me how it can be improved. I know I still have a long ways to go before I can start selling my art at real prices, so please tell me what I can...
  2. SkyFurCreations

    Why Is Furry Art So Hard For You?

    SkyFurCreations here, and I'm asking EVERYBODY, why is furry art so hard for you? Tell me exactly what it is that you have the biggest issue with, what's that ONE thing that stops you from drawing that perfect picture? I'm talking drawing specifically, not coloring. Nearly everyone has troubles...
  3. SkyFurCreations

    The Yasuku Tribe (Furries)

    A spiritually awakening tribe I figured many Furries may be interested in. It's a unique tribe which would definately turn heads in a group. In fact, the first professional Yasuku fursuit I see will get $100 from me. This tribe isn't something I randomly thought up, just to try to start a...