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  1. C

    Looking to play with some Pokémon

    So… lately I’ve been trying my luck around f-list for this and well… it didn’t work all that well so I figure to come here and try my luck on a Pokémon RP. So here’s the list of my favorite Pokémon, it can be in their feral form or anthro form. Gender… I prefer male, male herm, female, herm or...
  2. ReillytheFennecFox

    I Made a Skype Group

    I made a Skype group for furries and non-furries maybe we can play games together. Skype
  3. C

    Looking for an RP

    Hello, this is my first time posting here and would love to seek out literate partners to RP with me. At the moment, I figure to keep my RP ideas in PM but if you’ve ideas of your own then do bring along. I do have an f-list if you’re curious and… at the moment, I’m kinda in the mood of finding...
  4. T

    Fun loose anything goes rp.

    Hey. New to this site. I'm up for a fun rp with anybody. I'm pretty open to anything. I guess just let me know where you want to talk. Kik or Skype works for me.
  5. Paintyneko

    Looking for Skype furry friends!

    Hiya! I'd love to be able to text-chat (and maybe voice in the future) with some people in this fandom, so PM me on FA or comment here if you'd like to be skype friends? Somethings about me -I'll be 16 in a month's time, so maybe someone around my age range? - I love anime, bunnies, Pokémon...
  6. spritzle

    Furry skype shizz

  7. spritzle

    Skype Group

    I thought I would just post the link here Anyone is welcome to join so long as it it stays friendly ish join.skype.com: Join conversation
  8. Snipernoah11

    Digimon/video game charecter Vore rp?

    I'm looking for a person who is into vote that can be pred or prey and wants to do a Digimon RP it a video game charecter RP like star Fox or Sly Cooper or something. I don't mine gender and I'm usually a pred myself but I do only use Skype and Discord to RP do send me a message if you are...
  9. zoinky

    anyone want to talk to me on skype or telegram?

    if anyone wants to give me a add on telegram or skype its Skype: mycupcakeisgreat@gmail.com Telegram: @jackalolo (t.me: zoinky
  10. T


    I've recently had the sudden urge to roleplay, and so I created two lounge thingymajigglydoos... One is on Skype, the other Discord: join.skype.com: Join conversation Discord
  11. A

    Seeking RP Partner willing to write over Skype

    Heya! I'm currently searching for a female partner whom is literate and willing to write over Skype, I'm not asking for a lot here, so please bare with me. I could be considered a veteran at roleplaying, I'm basically just looking for literate role-playing partners ( could range from vore to...
  12. Sparrow-the-Wolfess

    There a community IM?

    I know SoFurry has a Minecraft server I guess... but does FurAF have anything like a Discord or somewhere for a more efficient group chat/chatroom type thing? :) I'd like to know!
  13. R

    Hello all im lookin for some new friends

    (left sorry)
  14. Xandor

    Skype gaming group...

    Its not an active group yet. But I am hoping that there are some other people out there who love games on the PC as much as I do. If you are interested in joining even if you just want to lurk in the chat group then post your Skype bellow or MSG me it. Hope to see some of you soon!
  15. Jazz Panther

    Anybody want to join a furry group on Skype?

    I'm trying to form a group of furries on Skype, but...the group is kind of dead at the moment. There's only five people (including myself) in the group at the moment, but nobody is really that energetic or talkitive besides me. I really want to get this group going so that I can feel more like a...
  16. xokux


    i have gotten reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllly busy and thus a few people here have skypes im sharing mine just in case anyone wants to add/chat/say hi <3 anthony.m.29 is me i've been extremely busy but i want to try to do art in the future here since im good at drawing LOL this...
  17. Jazz Panther

    Furries on Skype, anybody?

    I have kind of wanted to have a group of furries to talk to on Skype for a while now, but so far, that hasn't gone anywhere. So-o-o-o-o-o, where else could I adverti-, I mean ask if other furries would like to join me on Skype than on here? -Oh, hold on there. There is a slight catch to this...
  18. redthefurrywolf

    Come join a skype group call/chat

    yo who wants to join a dumb ass big skype group?? sent me a request and i'll add you. come on. join our party. It's not just a call. it's also a chat group (NO YIFF) So if you're not down for a call you can still join Skype: live:hannah.person