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  1. LupusSomnium

    Furry/Anthro RP

    Hello! I'm looking for partners for Furry/Anthro roleplays. M/M preferably 18+ because I'd like for the plot to turn romantic/sexual eventually; I'm fine with some fetishes/kinks like Dom/sub, Mpreg, Omegaverse, etc. so we can talk about it beforehand; we can also discuss others. My...
  2. D

    Then and Now: Stancest Anthology Preorders

    Hello! I am one of the moderators for Then and Now: Stancest Anthology. It is a safe for work, anthology featuring Stanford and Stanley pines from Gravity Falls! This is a full colored book, filled with comics, stories and illustrations! Almost 200 pages of content created by over 50...