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  1. reptile logic

    Secundus preparing Master's morning ensemble.

    I'm a writer, not a visual artist. Still, I wanted to share this with you. This is the first commissioned artwork related to the stories. Many thanks to DarznWolfe for the beautiful portrait. In this dystopian world, where the wealthy can buy life itself, others must pay the price for their...
  2. WildKitFox

    Critique: Critique Request on adult scene

    Hey all! I'm working hard on improving my drawing, and was hoping to get some feedback. This is my first real attempt at placing two different characters in the same scene as if they were supposed to be inhabiting the same space and all. It was much harder than I cared for it to be, and I was...
  3. Universe

    Slave rp

    Anyone want to have me as a slave post below
  4. PancakeAnt

    Ant Boy Seeking Master! (OOC/RP/FEET)

    Hello! My name is Pancake, I'm an anthropomorphic ant boy who has a somewhat... strange addiction to feet. If you're wondering at all what I'm about, feel free to check out my f-list or FA listed on my profile. I'm here to try and find a Master, someone who wishes to own me as their 'foot...
  5. G

    Will Write For Food

    I'm always open for commissions. Just PM me and we can talk about it. I prefer having a existing picture and synopsis for context. Also Goblin Face is only a name. I'm not even sure if it'll ever be a character. So role-playing is off the table for now.
  6. C

    capture me and.. then what? [looking for rp partner]

    so ive had this idea where my roman centurion character end up captured by some tribe or other civilization and then becomes a slave or gladiator. there could have been a battle or an ambush ending up with my oc being the only survivor and he will be put to good use in whatever way there might...
  7. F

    Yiffy "Master"

    Looking for people 18+ that interested in a basic slave/master thing via skype (kittlezkippy@gmail.com = Skype. Type that in a search and you'll find a guy named "Flex," with a little manned wolf display pic.) Don't mind absolutely anything, aside from age play. I am looking for dominant, master...
  8. N

    Black market deals

    (Not sexual ) *in this black market it was in a sewers system in hope to be not found the market had loads of item weapons , organs ,tech and slaves one of theses slaves was called neon a fox hyena hybrid he was only about 2 his mum owed a lot of money so she gave them neon for payment so neon...
  9. Wolfie_207

    Looking for a specific type of rp partner

    This thread has been retired
  10. E

    Seeking a female dom

    Hi, I'm a really experienced roleplayer and I am very subby. I have been searching for a long time, and Decided maybe here would work. I basically have no limits and every fetish except gore and scat. I love bdsm, anal on me and bondage, just anything slave related. I prefer a long term female...