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  1. V

    What did you dream of last night?

    Welcome Everyone! This thread it's just to talk about your crazy dreams when you sleep! Easy to understand right? Of course! So don't worry and say the things that you remember in your last dream! (Or any dream.) With anything more to say... Have fun!
  2. Skittlesthehusky

    How to deal with sleep deprivation?

    I thought I'd just fit this into the forum because this seems like a good topic that could help other people out as well as myself. But is there any good way of dealing with sleep deprivation (and overall constant exhaustion) if you literally cannot fix your sleeping schedule or at least sleep...
  3. Simo

    What's the laziest species?

    OK, lotta talk about good, bad and all. But in the realms of the furry...who is the most lazy?
  4. Yakamaru

    How do you sleep?

    I thought I'd ask my fellow forumgoers on their sleep. How do you sleep? Where do you sleep? How long do you sleep? What is you sleep quality like? Do you change sleeping position(s) often? Are there things you do that makes you sleep better? Are there things you like that makes you sleep...