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  1. foxkitz

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Slime furry for sale! $13

    if you pay $5 more ill throw in additional updated art (minor design changes accepted :0) art examples: Artwork Gallery for foxkitz -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  2. Mandala-Moons

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: JELLYFUR ADOPTABLES -Candy Critters- $15 each!

    So here is where I'll be posting my jellyfur adoptables! Please feel free to take a gander at them! As well as at my gallery! Adoptables for 15 USD Each! Lime Kitty - OPEN Orange Creme Fox - SOLD Strawberry Bun - OPEN
  3. F

    Looking for an audio artist. Price range from 25-100$. Please only respond if you work with audio.

    I'm looking for an artist that works with NSFW slime sound that can do audio for specific settings. I am FireknightFlame#8464 on discord. Please, only Audio artist only, I am not looking for any drawn art at this time.
  4. Verinn

    Weekly Sketch and Monthly Detailed Auctions

    I've been experimenting with offering a weekly YCHA, often featuring my goo character, Verinn and others in softcore lewd situations. Some are weekly and are sketchier looking and some are monthly, more detailed and ambitious. I created a forum account to help spread the word and generate some...
  5. O

    Looking for Long Term RP partner

    I am looking for people interestered in longer term rp. As I like collaborative RP, setting and such can be discussed so that we can both enjoy it! The RP would be adult, so adults only (and by Adult I mean both mature story themes and NSFW rp), as I am not just looking for NSFW rp. It can be...
  6. Broeckchen

    [OPEN] Closed Species Adopt: Puddin!

    EDIT: Auction has ended! The bby went to Chibi Geek! C: Hello there! This is fairly short notice (something I will improve on in the future), but I still have this literal sweetheart up for auction: She's part of my original species, Calyptra! They are moth-like vampiric beings. This one...
  7. scet

    tips for getting commissions?

    iv been drawing for a long time and i have this kind of style i am proud of and i like to draw mostly slime and goo people but i have never been able to get many clients, is there any one who can help me figure out how to get my name in the ring and how to start working seriously? Userpage of...
  8. Saturn Galaxy

    Adoptables between 7.50 and 13.50 USD!

    I have quite a few adopts open right now! Here's the images and links to the posts on my page Tropical Gush Slime Gator - 13.50 USD Cloudy Dragon - 13.50 USD Marbled Dino - 8 USD Deer - 13.50 USD Mythical Adopts - 7.50-8 USD I'd prefer anybody interested in these to click the...
  9. T

    Looking for anyone to RP with my Aeromorph herm or my lopunny Herm with specific fetishes ((nsfw))

    Looking for anyone who wants to do these fetishes: Urethral penitration slime, balls growth, corruption, non-con, non-con into con, and bad endings. All other fetishes can be discussed :3 thank you!
  10. KaidahTheDragon

    Sluggy Anthro Offer to Adopt!

    This child is still up for grabs!! www.furaffinity.net: Gooey Sluggy Offer to Adopt! |OPEN!| by KaidahTheDragon
  11. scet

    hello im scet

    Iv been of FA for a few years and im hoping to find more friends and active conversations on these forums. this is the first forums type site i have joined but i hope ill get the hang of it fast. iv used a few fursonas but i think im really happy in my current goo and slime sonas. im a red goo...