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  1. reptile logic

    Secundus preparing Master's morning ensemble.

    I'm a writer, not a visual artist. Still, I wanted to share this with you. This is the first commissioned artwork related to the stories. Many thanks to DarznWolfe for the beautiful portrait. In this dystopian world, where the wealthy can buy life itself, others must pay the price for their...
  2. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Anal vore drawing ( Comic anthro )

    I am searching people who will like to do an AV comic for free with my ocs and fan fic ocs any art accepted ( base art minimum ). accepted: - anthro only ( sorry again )
  3. Nukaleu

    $15 Smallies - LAST WEEK at this price

    I sell little, YCH commissions called Smallies. They are 512px square (Telegram sticker size) toony drawings of OC's, pets, and other critters. Customers receive jpg and transparent png versions of the commissioned image. See samples below, or follow this link to see my Smallie gallery: Artwork...