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  1. Yam4l

    (Adopt/Character) Auction: Chimera Warrior SB:35 usd

    Link to auction Status(OPEN) SB: 35 USD MID: 3++ USD AB: 150 What Will you get pictures without watermark png./ original psd. file AB : get free 1 commission (don't do NSFW) [Auction closed 24 hours after the first BID.] Transfer method - Paypal only Agreement + Don't claim the design/art...
  2. Zorrena

    Hiring: ($75+) Character Redesign of my Cobra girl [Closed deciding on artist]

    Hello so I've liked this character a lot but I bought her as an adoptable and after awhile her odd shaped Cobra hood has bothered me. I'm looking for someone who is willing to send multiple wips and is willing to help me do a complete redesign.
  3. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Request: Muscle draw

    Heya I me ask if someone would like to do NSFW draw few ocs. You're free to use any poses: Basileum: www.furaffinity.net: Basileum by Germanor123 www.furaffinity.net: Basileum by Germanor123 www.furaffinity.net: Basileum - Feet fetish by Germanor123 Shaigen: www.furaffinity.net: Shaigen armed...
  4. Manly-in-Training

    Snake Comic

    thinking of starting a comic about a snake living in a city full of furries. no arms, no legs, not a naga just a normal snake who can talk and post youtube videos. id love to hear any ideas suggestions or questions that I can draw out into comic strips
  5. Manly-in-Training

    new snake oc help

    im working on making a new oc, a snake. no arms or legs, just a real anatomical snakesona. im going to include some daily parts of there life as a snake, like struggling in a world of four legged furries. for example every morning they put in colored contacts to make their eyes look more...
  6. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: Viper girl (redux)

    So, I'm reposting this because I realised I didn't put any ref images in. Note: None of the images are mine, and belong to their respective owners. A tall, busty viper with a deep grey, almost black coat, and a slightly lighter underbelly. She has two dark-ish green, glowing biohazard symbols...
  7. LightSnake

    Snake fursona: legged or legless

    I'm having this internal conflict with my fursona. As you can see, it's a snake and snakes are limbless. So this is the issue, is a snake fursona with arms and legs still a snake or is it more like a lizard. And if it has legs how can I maintain the snakey essence of it. Thanks :3
  8. CopperxCalico

    Just a Pair of Snakes? Snocks? Socks?? I dunno

    Well, here's a ref since FA is down, Its a character for a story I'm writing that involves sentient toys!
  9. CopperxCalico

    Fursona Showoff ~ !!

    First post on the forums but I joined FA Back in June, and here's my fursona !!! She's basically me and I've had her for years and I love her so much...
  10. Xitheon

    Fursona development advice needed

    I've more or less chosen a snake as my 'sona, based on a California king snake I kept as a pet for almost a decade. I'm just going to call him Xith. He's anthro (upright and with arms and legs and usually wears clothes.) Thing is, I feel as though I'm plagiarising one of my favourite artist's...
  11. Byzance123 Rauss Khan

    Art Trade: Redraw linart

    Hello I me ask if you can redraw a ref with lineart for her: www.furaffinity.net: Basileum by Germanor123 www.furaffinity.net: Basileum by Germanor123 I will do colors and shadows
  12. Xitheon


    I've decided to go snake. This is my first doodle of her.
  13. Lexio

    Snakify My Fursona? #Snektember

    To celebrate snektember, I'd love to have a snake version of my fursona... the problem? I cant art... If anyone would like to try to snakify my fursona (or my scalsona if you want) Go ahead! Thank you if you can! My Fursona, Lexio My Scalesona, Nebula I dont mind how you make them look...
  14. SpiritSeed

    (Open) Chibis, Headshot,halfbody, fullbody, SFW art.

    Hi SpiritLovers ! After painting all the sample needed to show you what I can do, my commissions are now opens ! Prices start at 15€ and go highter depending of what you want me to draw. ♥ You can fin more informations here : Commission Info for SpiritSeed -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  15. Skeith

    Big snek [OPEN] 10$

    excuses for the mistake, mods! Didn't notice that rule >> Anyways, first post on the FA forums, correct this time cause I did a dumb, these lads are for sale! Buyers will receive an unwatermarked version of the file and a flat-colour version of the adopt! [RATFRIEND] - OWNER: Jackaltherat @...
  16. Lawkbutt


    Hello! I just joined about fifteen minutes ago. I'm looking for some friendly discussion about furries and scalies. How are you all doing today?
  17. S

    Wanna draw a Snek?

    If anybody is feeling creative today, I'd love to have more drawings of my fella here :D
  18. MercutioEx

    Naga Adoptables

    Hey there! I'm looking to sell some of these cute widdle nagas I made! Prices are USD Flatsale, just PM me or comment here if you're interested in purchasing! Once the funds are received I will send you the unmarked .PNG file of the character. I only ask that you do not sell them for more USD...
  19. snek_prince

    henlo frens

    ah yis, hello i've been using FA for nearly a year now, because reasons, but i've decided to actually make an official account now that i have my own OCs and fursona, i feel so established anyways yeah, i use Telegram frequently and Furry Amino. if you wanna check out my FA profile, beware of...
  20. EmberMage

    Selling a Design

    I am looking MAINLY for money, as I kinda need it right now, due to textbooks being painful on my pocketbook. However, I will be listing this as an OTA, so more people are interested! YOU CAN OFFER: Money Points Art Characters (No base adopts please!!! I will check!) Prices for Auto Buy 20$...