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  1. Lexio

    Snakify My Fursona? #Snektember

    To celebrate snektember, I'd love to have a snake version of my fursona... the problem? I cant art... If anyone would like to try to snakify my fursona (or my scalsona if you want) Go ahead! Thank you if you can! My Fursona, Lexio My Scalesona, Nebula I dont mind how you make them look...
  2. MoebiousII

    [OPEN]Snektember egg adopts Last one on discount!

    Rattlesnake is waiting for a forever home before the end of the month :( Be sure of reading the how to before claim! Terms!( or How to) 1. Only paypal by the moment 2. Once purchased you will recibe: a fullsize png image of her and her egg and 1200px wide jpg pic for web purposes 3. You can...