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  1. SolDirix

    So.. what happened to that one furry site that tried to ban feral furry artwork?

    I remember a few years ago some furry social media website with some grade-F beef against 'feral furries' decided to pull a stupid and ban furries/artwork depicting ferals, sfw or not. What website was that again? Are they still active? Are they still pulling this bs?
  2. Cres Moon

    Vera's Manor

    Hey there, are you an aeromorph, or a furry, or maybe you're just looking for a group of people to play Halo custom games with. At Vera's Manor you can find all of the above. Aside from rps and art sharing, we also will be holding weekly Halo MCC custom games that anyone can join...
  3. J

    Death of Social Media?

    Yesterday, yet another "___IsOverParty" hashtag was trending on Twitter. Clicking on it (which I don't recommend doing) really hammered home how drunk with power these people are. With all of the smiling emojis and talk of hunting the person (and their followers) down wherever they go to report...
  4. Acasytous

    Discord Server for Artists.

    We have created a growing Discord Server dedicated to artists, be it visual artists, sculptors, musicians, programmers and whatever other creative vein you have in you! We created a place in which you can network with other users and potential clients for commissions. And also a place in which...
  5. H

    Forum Newbie

    Hey all ~ I’m new to the forums here. Trying to make an effort to be social online now that we are all supposed to be social distancing in person >___>;
  6. BlenkEntertainment

    Main Site I need help with an user

    I hate drama, a lot, I don't want to harass , troll, or expose any user. I just want to post submissions and interact with a few users like everyone else. I having a little problem with an user that requested me to make a MLP comic based on his stories (He sent me a note saying "NSFW /Mature...
  7. BunnyBoi93

    New Discord Server

    Hi guys! I'm currently putting together a Discord server (It's still a work in progress so please be patient with me lol) We have the following goodies: *events *contests *limited roles *lots of love and support *and much much more If you would like to join you can! Join the FurryFriends...
  8. Wolfy_V

    Help a Small Furry Discord Server Grow?

    Looking to join a small and ready to grow furry discord server with EVERYTHING you need? Then Come Join Wolfy's World! ★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★・・・・・・★ Welcome to Wolfy's World, a fun-loving furry server made just fur you! We have a little bit of everything for just about everyone willing to...
  9. ReeseCapeesh

    What are good sites to go to where i can chat and talk with other furries about anything?

    So.... i tried going to meetups but it seems like their not super frequent and they usually all the way across the city. I'm looking for a way to daily or weekly talk with and make friends with other furs, and obviously the internet is what we have at our disposal 24/7. i tend to be at my best...
  10. Cres Moon

    Social Discord Rp Server (Nsfw)

    Hey, I was looking for people who'd be interested in joining a laid back discord server, just message me and I'll invite you to it. Only requirement is you have to be over 18 and will need to provide some proof of age.
  11. Sinamuna

    [EDIT] Sinful Links

    DeviantArt: Sinamuna on DeviantArt Picarto: Sinamuna - Picarto FurAffinity: Userpage of Sinamuna -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Ferzu: Ferzu YouTube: youtube.com: SinamunaP
  12. Nihles

    Do you use a "Furry" Facebook?

    Does anyone else use a second facebook for furry hobby activities? Basically, I'm nervous about potential professional contacts googling my name and getting a misconception or wrong idea about me, so I made a second facebook with my sona nsona name where I can post all my updates I don't want...
  13. Gem-Wolf

    The Person Above You / The Person Below You

    This game asks you to interact on a more personal level with forum members. There are limitless things that you can ask/tell about the person below or above you. (just keep it within forum rules please) • The Person Above You - Tell the group something you admire about the person above you...
  14. I

    Welcome to Fur Base

    We set up a discord server where you can enjoy yourself when the forums are slow or filled with too much drama. We are willing to extend our invitation to everyone so long as you abide by our rules and treat other users with the curtesy you would appreciate yourself
  15. CarrotJuice

    Carrot's Corner[Discord-Server]

    Carrot's Corner Carrot's Corner is a furry discord server with over 150 members, and is open to everyone, including you! Why should you join our server? A hard-working, and humorous staff team makes sure to keep everything in check! A list of common sense rules, for both voice chat and text...
  16. CarrotJuice

    Carrot's Corner Discord [OPEN]

    Carrot's Corner Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Carrot's corner is a growing discord server with an active staff and community. Join our server and meet new friends, and socialize with people from around the world. Advertise your art, or maybe that old YouTube channel you...
  17. TheFoxFreedom

    Serious Question: are furry conventions friendly? Is it a safe place peaple usually say it is?

    So, after seeing in twitter like "Stop having alcoholic commas. Sense guys, if you drink at the point to get a alcoholic comma, you shouldnt be at a furry convention" and it makes me so sad, to know a place that was supposed to be friendly, we have those kind of things. i didnt care at all, but...
  18. GRIT

    Trying to connect with other furries/make friends

    Hey there, I'm still fairly new to the furry community and I must admit I am struggling to actually get to know people. Is that a common problem? I am on FA as well as discord (joined a few furry discords) but I can't really seem to connect with anyone or keep a conversation going, most people...
  19. KushFox

    Any Arizona Furs?

    Hey, yo. I will be moving to the Scottsdale/Phoenix area in Arizona pretty soon and I was just wondering if there are any fun Furry related things to do in the area? I am down for Furmeets, Parties, Social Gatherings, Game Nights, Gaming in general, and Drinking. (Please, no freaky stuff...
  20. Yakamaru

    What kind of person are you socially?

    Are you anti-social and/or introverted? Extroverted and/or social? A bit of a mix? Do you gain energy by interacting with people like a solar panel does during midday? Do people drain energy from you like a black hole drains a nearby sun? How do you look upon interacting with people in general...