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  1. KushFox

    Any Arizona Furs?

    Hey, yo. I will be moving to the Scottsdale/Phoenix area in Arizona pretty soon and I was just wondering if there are any fun Furry related things to do in the area? I am down for Furmeets, Parties, Social Gatherings, Game Nights, Gaming in general, and Drinking. (Please, no freaky stuff...
  2. Yakamaru

    What kind of person are you socially?

    Are you anti-social and/or introverted? Extroverted and/or social? A bit of a mix? Do you gain energy by interacting with people like a solar panel does during midday? Do people drain energy from you like a black hole drains a nearby sun? How do you look upon interacting with people in general...
  3. MetroFox2

    Encounters Of The Animal Kind And Other Hobbies

    I kind of felt like sharing this little encounter I had this morning. Decided to go out for breakfast and go for a walk down by the railway tracks near my house and spotted this guy: Not the best pictures in the world, but still a nice way to start the morning. So I wanted to ask if people...
  4. Lea.Tigris

    Tabletop Furs!

    Hello! I love board games and Dungeons and Dragons, and I'm curious to see how many furs are about that also like Tabletop Games! My favourite games: Mysterium Lords of Waterdeep Cthulhu Realms Kittens in a Blender Dungeons and Drgaons Pathfinder What about you? What do you like to play...
  5. Eifriet

    Meeting up in MMORPGs

    Hey everyone! I recently got wanting to join some furry guilds in the games I play to pass the time. But it seems there is a massive lack of them so I'll be starting a few, as of current here are the one(s) I have: Game __________ Server ________ GuildName____________ Requirements Blade and...
  6. Lea.Tigris

    Gaming/Art Discord Chat Room!

    I created it hoping to find more people to game with and chat with about various things, so I'm hoping you're all interested! It's nothing flashy or fancy, riddled with bots and !commands, but it's a server that always has someone on it keeping an eye on it and moderating. :) Discord Just a...
  7. Sleepyly

    Meeting new people or something

    I don't wanna be a bitch but after some depression and thinking i decided i should talk to people more often so if anyone wants to talk about anything lets just get along. Btw i know the community for some time but i only got active 1 month ago.
  8. FruitLoopFox

    Vent/Rant from a socially awkward being.

    Hi, I'm Crys and I'm really tired of myself. I can't (and have tried) to make friends through the furry community. Sorry if I sound like a whiny pissbaby, but I seriously cannot make connections with people. It's frustrating! I feel like I bore everyone! Be it at meets or online, I get this...
  9. N

    Furry mmos

    Know any good mmos and social games with furries aside from: Furcadia, Second Life, Elder Scrolls Online, Tera, Archeage, IMVU, World of warcraft, Wildstar, Final fantasy 11 and Final fantasy 14.