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  1. Nazayne Brown

    Looking For Someone Who Can Make Socks

    I honestly don't know if people on here do make clothing, but I'm prodding around and seeing if anyone does. I'm thinking about getting some custom sona thigh high socks for my friend. If anyone does see this and does know how to make socks, message me and we can talk about prices. Price range...
  2. Spippy

    (Commission) Selling: Sock YCHs! $10 (pride!)

    geez been a while. *will be fully shaded, with a simple bg. (please specify if youd like some sort of pattern! like some stars, hearts, etc) *socks can be longer, shorter. same for arm socks (or whatever theyre called) *socks can be any color/pattern! for $2 extra you can have four extra...