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  1. milimigu

    (Base/YCH) Selling: any humanoids/anthros comfort couple YCH $8-15

    Would you like to see your characters being soft? Or perhaps you would rather some hurt/comfort? Well, you're in luck! Pricing - payment sent via paypal - $8.00 flatcolor with lines - $10.00 flatcolor, lineless - $15.00 lines + shading Alternately I take deviantart points, $1 = 100 points...
  2. moosher12

    Toggle between Soft/Hard Inbox numbers.

    With the new FA mode, all numbers over 1,000 are abbreviated. In my case, 1,3XX becomes 1.3 K. I'd personally prefer a hard number myself, but can see why people would prefer the simplification. I think it would be useful to implement a toggle in Site Settings between Soft and Hard inbox numbers.
  3. SleepySprout

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: OPEN: Paypal: Pastel Anthro: Duchess (Asking for $25)

    Trying to raise money for groceries Toyhouse Character Link: For Sale | Paypal | Duchess on Toyhouse DeviantArt Link: OPEN: Paypal: Duchess by sleepysproutart on DeviantArt FurAffinity Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/33908276/ "I'll be cross-posting this on DeviantArt and FurAffinity as...
  4. Tash

    (Commission) Selling: Cute $6 Headshots! ~3 Slots~

    ♥Selling cute $6 Headshots♥ [2 slots] ♦Examples below, please comment or message me on FA/DA/Reddit for details♦ ♥FurAffinity♥ > DeviantArt < ~ Reddit ~ One~Four Day Turnover!
  5. DravenDonovan

    (Commission) Selling: $15 Experimental Soft-Shade Head shots

    -All art © to me and characters to their rightful owners- Hey~ I’m currently open for 3 slots of these Experimental Soft-Shaded head shots. Being Experimental, the style of these pieces are liable to change, and though it might sound like a bad thing, any changes made would be changes for the...
  6. MorgueBuddy

    Chibi commissions starting at €8 ! ferals/human/anthro

    hewwo back at it again ! Furaffinity / Deviantart Info and Terms of Service email: beastfang98@gmail.com ferals start at €8 full body human with clothes starts at 15 , anthro without clothes starts at €12 !
  7. Rant

    Do ya like 'em Hard or Soft?

    Tacos I mean ;) I'm so bored....
  8. Janglle

    Strawberry cat and Cream dog [OPEN]

    Hey hey !! I've just recently started doing adopts and they're both only $20 usd if anyone was interested There's a strawberry cat and cream dog and they're both open rn !! if you wanna claim them just say so in the thread or comment on the art. If you decide to buy both i'll throw in a full...