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  1. Scrydan

    Scryboard (Site System) - Looking CSS/site designers

    There's a little bit of back story that can be mentioned, but I'll just cut to the chase of what I am looking for and what can this system do. (Also name is pending/temp. I haven't really bothered with the newer version's name of old software I used to make and won't use the old name.) First...
  2. Gangsta Fox

    Sony vegas help

    So I use Sony vegas to make very haha funny videos you see? Well now I have 2 drives. C drive and D drive. Is it possible to install the other drive? For free? Or do I have to re-register for a product I already own?
  3. M

    Programmer/Software Developer looking for side work

    I'm a programmer for a few years in the software industry and I'm looking for something more productive to do in my spare time. With that said, I'm wondering if anyone has any projects out there, be it generic software, video games etc that they'd like an extra pair of hands to help out on, or...
  4. Rivercoon

    Magic Poser

    Has anyone used the program Magic Poser on a Windows 10 machine? The features look nice but I have not found a place to download it that doesn't look sketchy.
  5. Alison Savros

    Adobe Alternatives

    Hey there, I know some people are generally unhappy about Adobe's new policy so I thought I'd share a list of alternatives in a post I've made on my blog, because I don't know if character limits exist here. saturnus.x10.bz: Adobe Software Alternatives – Saturnus Official At the same time, if...
  6. Wulf the Jackal

    What software do you use to draw?

    Yes tell me. I chose Adobe Photoshop CC.
  7. SevenArms

    Community Service: Cheap Software for few days

    If anyone is interested in a good and cheap painting software Clip Studio Paint is having a 50% off summer sale: CLIP STUDIO PAINT: Software/app for Manga, Comics, Drawing and Painting I mean, $25 USD for a software with the same qualities as Photoshop, I think that's a huge deal! Not...
  8. reptile logic

    Audio recording/editing software suggestions?

    To be honest, though I'm sure that this subject has been brought up before, I didn't look very hard to find this information in another thread. Recently I have been reading my book to a blind friend. He suggested that I record my reading and sell it as I have been selling the novel. I have also...