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  1. Jiccs

    Maroon Ref

    Just a place to reference my new sona, Maroon! She is a Ferx, a hybrid race between a fox and a ferret that I created. Her personality is being intelligent and charismatic, always having something quirky to say. Her main goal is to live life to the fullest ^ Base courtesy of Doodle Bunny...
  2. SunGod

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (closed species) Auctioning off a TechnoJackal named Wiggles!

    Hello all! I've recently designed "Wiggles" here and am wanting to sell her off to the highest bidder. Please either DM me bids, commend bids here or here: www.furaffinity.net: (closed species) Wiggles the TechnoJackal by AchipeliCat Starting Bid: $30 Minimum Bid: $5 The auction will end 48...
  3. F

    Drat is Evolving

    Last month I decided to pick up a sketch book and start putting ideas down on paper seriously about what Drat would look like as realistically and accurately as I could, and I made a lot of progress. It led to a point where I ended up with something workable. I don't have a lot of drawing...
  4. Jiccs

    Anyone have unusual ideas for sonas?

    I made another "unique ideas" type thread to get some ideas for the race I'm about to make. A fox/pine marten race is pretty different by itself but I can't help but add something magical to set it apart from others. So, if ANYONE has or has even seen something they thought was cool (take...
  5. 1

    What's your 'sona's job/profession?

    Or more simply what do they do in general? Mine beats people up
  6. Jiccs

    Request: Anyone want to draw my sona?

    I would love to get some art in of my sona, Envy! Ref: forums.furaffinity.net: My new sona Envy Artistic changes/improvements are welcome as long as they don't change her design too much. Also if anyone wants to really get into drawing her (if you like the design that much) I do have a...
  7. Jiccs

    My new sona Envy

    I'm posting this just to have a description and image of Envy in one place for commissions and free art. Any drawings of her are appreciated though and comments are welcome! Name: Envy Species: Wolf Gender: none but looks and sounds female / Uses "she" and "her" Personality: Intelligent /...
  8. Lupus_Ira

    Hiring: Fursona Reference Sheet

    Hello everyone! I could use an artists help with creating a ref sheet for my new sona. I have a budget max of $150 and am happy to work with you! And I am also in no dire rush to get this done, I am just looking forward to seeing my sona brought to life. Thank you and I look forward to hearing...
  9. Jiccs

    Advice for shading and additions to my new sona, Envy!

    Let me start by saying I love my new sona, but she feels a bit bland still despite all her markings and power. I was thinking of adding another shade of grey or perhaps gold parts for highlights. What do you guys think?
  10. C

    Need for new sona

    Hi I'll be loolook for a artist who wouwo be interested crecreat a new sona for me. My budget is about 150$
  11. D

    I can't draw help me pls

    Hello to all. I came on this forum to ask for help you on the realization of my fursona. It has been approximately 6 months since I am registered on FA but I am really bad in drawing, I have already tried numerous times but the results were convincing not at all. That's why I am here, I look for...
  12. Jojer

    Draw your sona with your favorite plushie Meme

    This is something I've been wanting to post for like a week! I haven't made my drawing yet but I plan on making it soon. What are you supposed to do? Draw your fursona with your most sentimental plushie. Mine is from my childhood that I still sleep with. You can get creative with it too. You...
  13. Rap Daniel

    Draw my Raptor oc please?

    His name is Rap, and he looks like SkadeRaptor but with a darker shade and a brownish yellow streak on his sides like the Indoraptor. He loves to wear torn shirts because its sexy to him, wears white shorts and no footwear because he's digitigrade. A ref would be amazing to see but I will accept...
  14. Foxy Emy

    Anyone Seen a Simurgh Sona?

    I was curious if anyone has encountered a simurg sona before. A simurgh is a creature from Iranian/Persian mythology that is described as having the body of a majestic bird and the head of a regal canine. I am considering using one as a secondary sona. The reason I ask is because I have only...
  15. Zerohi

    Thoughts on my sona?

    So this is Octave he is my new sona :) He's a Bularian, an Open species I'd like to see what people think as I've had and used him for awhile now :D (The Arts by Me) If your interested in the species there's a Facebook group with free refs and the species guidelines
  16. Foxy Emy

    What are the two most unique features about your main sona?

    I am just curious what people think is the most unique thing about their fursonas. A can see a lot of visual artists going with markings or physical features, a lot of authors going with life/background story, and a lot of RPers (who are, also, authors in a sense) going with personality...
  17. Skychickens

    LV - AMA

    In the middle of the forest lies a small cottage. Kudzu creeps over the sides, yet the stonework remains well intact. Nearby are some strange plants growing, various herbs and vegetables intermingled with flowers and diabolic looking ferns. There is a small creek flowing a short distance away...
  18. GarnetFerrum

    Pixelated Busts in Bulk

    I'm searching for an adaptive pixel artist who can produce multiple busts of my sona with various expressions, around 17 or so expressions, in a 40x40 workspace. I am looking to mimic the style of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/and Sky. Example of Style: The 17...
  19. TheFurryGM

    Technical question

    Hey, I'm new-ish to the fandom, and my sister was creating what I'm going to dub as a fernsona. It was a completely plant based OC, and I was wondering what that would make her. I know there's several terms to go by, such as furry, scalie, etc. so what would a plant based anthro go by?
  20. Skychickens

    Is your sona... (ROUND 2)

    Oh boy do I have lots of silly questions. Talk to me! I love these sorts of questions and seeing what people come up with. Feel free to add your own too! Round One Is your sona based on your favorite animal? Is your sona the same gender as you? Is your sona the same age as you? Is your sona...