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  1. KyooTea

    Uncommon/Mythological Sonas?

    Hiya! New to the fandom. I was wondering what uncommon species you have or have heard of? Hybrids work, but I'm more looking for animals that already exist in nature (although nature would be SO much cooler if our hybrids did exist.) I ask because I'm a Wolpertinger myself (made a slight...
  2. Skychickens

    Fursona jobs and hobbies?

    Oh I was just thinking about how many sonas are out there. Sometimes they are really close to their person, and sometimes...they aren’t. Like my sona isn’t an artist at all. They’re a necromancer who spends all their free time experimenting and studying magic. Their job is mostly to guide...
  3. E

    Looking for Artist for Sona Sketch

    Hey everyone, I'm not one for long introductions, so I'll just cut to the chase. I'm looking for an artist willing to draw a sketch/reference of my black bear fursona. Since this will be my first ever commission, I have no visual references but will be more than happy to provide a detailed...
  4. Prynne

    I have found me!

    Hokay so Prynne represents the rougher part of me. And I was thinking today how I want a character for the better, more everyday me. And I just instantly came up with Chrysanthemum! She's an Aardwolf and I kind of love her lol. This is her badge I'm already working on.
  5. frizzled

    Commissions open! :)

    Hello! Just chucking another commission ad into this endless void My commissions are open! Headshots, Fullbodies, and refsheets. FA page is Userpage of frizzled -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Send me a note if interested) Here's my official commissions post, rates included...
  6. bookfangeek

    I Think My Fursona's a Fusion

    So... I was having trouble coming up with a design that I liked enough, and felt connected to enough, to represent myself so I asked my friends to throw species at me for designs prompts. Somewhere along the line, I came up with these two: Aren't they adorable? I love them. Problem is... I...
  7. J


    I was wondering of someone could draw my fursona for free it would be really nice if you did. Thanks! here's the sona its self Name: T.j Age: 20 Species: A bunny fox hybrid Sexually: bi but mostly straight Likes: Cuddling, play fighting, snakes, sergels, bunnies foxs and femboys Dislikes: shit...
  8. lacelamb11

    How did you create your fursona's backstory?

    Simple question, complicated answer, yeah? Explain your thought process for how you created your sona's backstory. Supplementary questions: -Did you develop your character through rp? -Is your character closely based off you? A character from a game you play? So yeah, don't spare any details!
  9. Mosie


    LOOK AT ME! Someone made my sona so perfectly I'm in awe :3 mamasaurus on deviantart is anyone is wondering, I'm so glad she opened these back up!
  10. J


    i was wondering if someone could make some art for my fursona i have the description for them as well if so add me on discord @Xr7gt #4537 or reply to this thread
  11. J


    I was wondering if someone could make the art for my fursona for free though cuz I have no money is so just tell me thanks other furs!
  12. Le Chat Nécro

    'sona stuff [short and snippy version]

    65 views on my other thread and not a single comment. -.- verbosity was my undoing. or maybe i'm just boring af. anyway, here's the short and easy to read version. round 2, fight...
  13. Skychickens

    Can’t decide between two palettes

    I have been redesigning my fursona (part of why I finally caved and got an FA/FAF account) but I have ran into a problem. I don’t have a tablet and usually I do a really lineless style that looks a bit like cut up paper when I do digital as a result. I’ve worked pretty hard on that and...
  14. 2DFIEND

    I finally made my first official fursona! Any suggestions?

    I am super proud of how she turned out!!!!!! She's my first ever fursona AND I??? love her so far ;;;;; Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do better next time?????? I would totally love suggestions! Here's her bio anyway if any of you care to know:
  15. E

    Commissioning first sona ref

    Hi! I am looking to get a ref sheet done for my sona, as a Christmas present to myself. I can pay $80 or under. Looking for full body front/back with color palette. Character is a grey/black snow leopard, blue eyes, I can provide further details. No rush to get it done before the holiday or...
  16. retrovertigo138

    First sona drawing

    This is Toby the bear-goat, I'm not used to this style of drawing, so it took me a little bit longer. I'd love some constructive criticism!
  17. G

    If you couldn't have your sona species of choice, what would be your second choice?

    Title just about says it all, if you couldn't have your sona as the species they are, what would be your second choice? essentially, top 5 species choices, not including your current If I couldn't have a wolf, I'd probably choose Dog opossum goat raccoon lynx maybe?
  18. dough

    This is my baby

    I'm on an introducing roll right now. ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ✧・゚: *✧・゚ This is my sona, Poffin. He is smol, soft, and low-key salty just like me. I don't want to fill up all of this with his info so if you'd like to know more, here is his TH page (if allowed) Since this is also sona discussion, can...
  19. Inkblooded

    How did you name your sona?

    I'm asking because mine is still unnamed, and it seems I can't find a name I like anywhere. I even made a contest for it on DeviantArt, but that didn't work out either. I guess I am just very picky :< So, how did you name your (fur)sona? Do you have any tips or suggestions I can try?
  20. Z

    What makes your 'sona unique?

    I'm dying to know what other people have done to make their own 'sona unique. I've seen a lot of different amazingly unique 'sona's out there since my brief time in this community, and I'd love to see what others did for their own fursonas as well! My current 'sona is a simple Silver fox who's...