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  1. HyperPolka

    [CLOSED] Looking for birdsonas to draw

    Hi peeps I'm opening 3 slots for sketch requests, specifically of birdsonas as I want to practice it so first 3 to drop references/ref sheets are it! Will upload the art on this thread over the week - - -
  2. D

    "Gender bending"

    I play video games now and then, and have fallen in love with a lot of characters, one in particular I felt really into was Athena from the Borderlands games. She is essentially a gladiator class melee fighter with a cybernetic sword and shield, and capable of lighting and fire powers. So...
  3. DizzyDame

    I'll Draw Your Sona

    This is to practice styles. I usually draw animals and monsters, so I want more Furry practice. Even now when drawing them I tend to draw them slightly more animalistic and less cartoony/anime (though I'm trying to learn the style). This will be a sketch and uncolored. I don't believe in...
  4. pameloo

    (Commission) Selling: HQ Adopt Shop [~$30-80]

    #1 Cranky Alchemist OPEN #2 Ninja Cat CLOSED #3 Red Panda Warrior OPEN Set price $80 each 1. Fast-footed, he uses a slingshot to pelt people/prey with icicles and rocks. $40 or best offer 2. Not blessed with the quickest agility, he uses ice crystals in his gauntlet to slow enemies before...
  5. ReetheBee

    Request: Doing some free requests for commission sheet! [Closing 9/3]

    **UPDATE**: Getting so many lovely requests! I'm going to be closing it soon [midnight on 9/3 MST] so I can focus on the ones I received and opening commissions! Please follow me on my profile to get more updates soon ^^ Hi! I'm new to the scene but I would love to do some free requests for my...
  6. Brandon G.

    Hiring: multiple Sona telegram sticker pack(s)~$5-$10 per sticker

    Looking for telegram sticker pack(s) for my different sonas(total of 4 sonas, fox,lynx,lion,femboy fox), I'd like NSFW and sfw for each sona. I'm thinkinf like $5 per sticker(I'm not super sure on fair pricing for these are so price is definitely negotiable) I'm (obviously) new to commissioning...
  7. Jiccs

    Anyone know of any unique species?

    I just want a good bit of all the most interesting species in one place, simple as that. So anyone and everyone who knows of a unique species such as chimereons or mantrafae, please feel free to post them and hopefully a picture or link to see what is all out there. Hybrids and different...
  8. Brandon G.

    Needing a couple of works for 2 sonas(nsfw &sfw)

    Looking for two different sonas, both male,to be drawn the first I would like a nsfw and a sfw version the other just a sfw is fine The first one would be a lynx with pretty traditional marking and brownish red hair. As far as clothing goes something like a modern greaser;converse, ripped up...
  9. AlleycatIrony

    show me pics of your fursona!

    my fursona is a border collie w/ ragdoll cat characteristics (personality, tail) his name is liam and he's mute and hangs out w/ a bunch of horses he's not naturally pink, he's white and brown in colouration but has dyed his fur - he sometimes wears extensions in his hair
  10. DJ-woof


    just trying to make friends ^^ I've been so lonely at times <:3 I'd love to see any other artists willing to talk too!
  11. Moondoggy

    Ferocious Furs

    Your sona is about to head on an adventure and will face dangerous enemies. What will your sona use to defeat their enemies? Feel free to describe it more!