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  1. F

    Associate a song with the user above you

    When you see the user above you, what song comes to mind? The song can be anything from a simple video game theme, music (like the kind Beethoven does), and of course, music with lyrics.
  2. driftingdragon

    Calling all music fan furs out there! (TOP 5 MUSIC-RELATED QUESTIONS)

    You all must know I'm listening to 2Pac on the first day of this decade, this song to be exact and over like twenty years things are still kinda screwed up, hindsight is an incredible thing. So here are a few questions for all you music fans out there, to start out the new year! 1) What are...
  3. SkyeLegs

    Video Game Songs with Vocals

    I'd like to create a thread specifically to share video game songs that include lyrics. I always love it when they do, it makes the game more memorable and special to me. I'm only counting original songs written for the games, not licensed soundtracks. Here's two songs from different Konami...
  4. Wabbajax

    Songs that Describe how you view the Furry Fandom

    Hey there filthy friends! Just wondering if there is a particular song or songs that you associate with the furry fandom. For me, Filth Friends Unite by I See Stars, particularly the Celldweller remix, is one such song. The fandom can be such a twisted and perverse place at times (just look in...
  5. Razrroth

    Please share soulful, hip-hop/rap songs

    This is going to be kind of specific, as I have a very limited interest in rap/hiphop music, but I'm trying to extend the scope of songs I know and like. My fiance loves rap, so I try to find tolerable music I can listen to with him. c: I'm not looking for hateful*, distasteful, gore/murder...
  6. Kylan Velpa

    Good Japanese Songs?

    Hoi. Recently I've found that I am really into some of Japan's music. I've found two anime openings I like and what I think is a pop song: Crossing Fields (Opening of Sword Art Online) Netsujo No Spectrum (Opening of Seven Deadly Sins) Bad Apple!! (I think it's a Japanese pop song but idk)...
  7. O

    Music commissions in virtually any genre, short deadlines possible

    Ever wanted to have a theme song for your original character? Looking for someone to make music for your animations? Have a YouTube channel and want an original personalized intro? We're here for you! We've been releasing music within many different genres for 10 years now, and have been doing...
  8. Aika the manokit

    song parodies

    The rules are simple, take a song of your choice, make a short parody of it. (If this is against the rules, warn me)
  9. I


    I have a deep passion for all kinds of metal(speed metal, heavy metal, power metal, death metal, symphonic metal, black metal) and that's why I wanted to start this thread. Basically this is to share your favorite metal bands and songs for others to bang their heads to and break stuff. Lets get...
  10. Egg Squid Frog System

    Anyone else on here makes music?

    Hi guys~ I was wondering if anyone else on here likes to make some kind of music? I'm a pianist but also make music on my laptop and it's just a mix of a bunch of slightly random styles. Or maybe does anyone on here sing? :3
  11. Tomin

    Unusual Songs

    Are there any unusual/strange/unpopular songs that you really enjoy? For me it's And
  12. Beatle9

    What's your "Desert Island" Band?

    This is a question I heard in the movie Green Room, and I think it's a cool question. If you were on a deserted island, and could only bring one band/artist's entire discography with you, whose would it be? Mine's probably the Red Hot Chili Peppers.