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sonic style

  1. Lynxofthenight

    (Commission) Selling: Traditional Commissions - SFW & NSFW (solo) - $15 - $25

    As much as I'd love to be doing commissions based on having free time and wanting to have fun and expand my art skills and such, sadly this is a bit more of a 'construction company quoted us one thing and then raised the final price by a couple thousand more after they'd already taken the roof...
  2. Jaredthefox92

    Critique: Crituque my giantess Sonic OC story?

    Howdy! I've recently made an ADULT Macro theme'd story involving my villainess, Amanda based on a roleplay I've had on Discord. While this story has exploded from what my friend and I originally had, I would like some ideas on how to move forwards in the story. I have one major issue with the...
  3. Jaredthefox92

    Looking for someone to RP with my character.

    Her name is Grau Bradanksa, she is a vixen lady who has the power to change size and grow to collosal heights, thus making her super strong and super durable: As what should be obvious, you must be okay with at least some macro themes and size-differences. She can change size at will...
  4. The Cospunk Prince

    (Commission) Selling: EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS AS OF 12/4:. Sonic Style Commissions! ($5-$30)

    First off, Thank you for your interest! As of 12/4, all money will be going straight to my boyfriend and his roommates as everyone in the 6-person household(plus two dogs and a cat) is being evicted. We do not know the exact date, but it won't be long before they are all homeless. You can find...
  5. The Cospunk Prince

    [1/4 OPEN] Sonic Style Adopts:. $5 Minimum, All Characters Must Go!

    Welcome! So your boy's trying something a bit new and selling adoptables! What started out as a quick redesign of one-shot OCs from 2008/2011 quickly turned into 'I absolutely adore these characters but can't give them the love they deserve', so I'm trying to give them a nice loving home. First...