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  1. Nix-Nimue

    ADOPT Witches (Sonic Style)

    Subasta SB: 5$ MI: 8$ AB :10$ Reglas -Solo acepta Paypal. -Asegúrese de tener suficiente dinero para pagar antes de ofertar. -El pago debe realizarse en menos de 24 horas. -Una vez realizado el pago, te enviaré una imagen a tamaño completo sin marca de agua. -Una vez pagada la adopción NO hay...
  2. The-Robotic-Q

    LF RP Partner: Sonic series + More!

    Hey all! So I figured I'd toss a post up on here and see if I could find anyone to plot with as my current rp partners reply to our threads extremely infrequently. I am 28 so people at least somewhat within my age group are preferred, 18+ is a must of course. Anywho he's a quick list of...
  3. LizardKing05

    Need Opinions on Sona (CLOSED)

    Got a reference sheet of my mouse Sonic sona but never got the colors down. After asking a guy from FA's opinion, I made some additions and I'd like more opinions on the colors I chose (and maybe some suggestions too). If you're an artist you can make color edits too. He must stay white though...
  4. JollyJester

    Test Post

    Here's a test post fan art \(○`° `○)/
  5. JulesDaWolf

    Request: Twitter Profile Pic (and optional Twitter Banner)

    Hello! Currently, I am using my FA Forums account's profile pic as my Twitter account's profile pic. Would anyone like to create a new profile pic for my Twitter account plz? I would prefer that the profile pic is of my Sonic-styled fursona Jules Wolf...
  6. T

    (Commission) Selling: Half/Full Body Commissions! (starting at $5)

    My chibis and bust shots are too low to advertise here, but my others are available! HALF BODY Starting at 5USD Extra characters 1 USD each Backgrounds free Shading 1USD extra FULL BODY Starting at 8USD Extra characters 1 USD each Backgrounds free Shading 1USD extra WILL DRAW Most...
  7. HSkunk

    For those of us who've seen the Sonic movie...

    Well, I just back from watching the live-action Sonic movie! And so, here's a thread for us to talk about our opinions on it! I think this should go without saying considering it literally came out today, but there are going to be a TON of spoilers. You have been warned! As for what I think of...
  8. HSkunk

    The Sonic IDW Comics

    If you've read them, what are your opinions on them? Who are are your favorite characters? What's been your favorite part or Issue so far? If you haven't read them, do you want to or are planning to?
  9. fuzzypen

    Art, Cats, ATLA & Sherlock Holmes

    If any of those topics interest you then we already have something in common! Hi there; my name is Pen. I've never introduced myself into this community or even the furry fandom before, so... I'm a bit shy, and not sure what to say, so I'll just try all the subjects! Y'know, to help break the...
  10. florance the fox

    drawing poeple as sonic character

    List for now fox hedgehog (possibly) wolf bunny bat cat dog
  11. R

    Hiring: Looking For Character Designer (Mobian/Kobold) $30-$50 (Closed)

    Hello there! I'm new to the forums, my FA is WitchyRoad and I'm currently looking for someone to help design my sona. Ether a Mobian (Sonic type character) or a Kobold. Max price I can go is 50 at the moment. I would prefer to give the artist a good deal of artistic freedom as I'm not quite good...
  12. C

    Sonic The Hedgehog movie trailer

    ITS FINALLY HERE GUYS What are your impressions? Exited? Scared? Morbid curiosity? Confusion? I'm certainly gonna watch this on theaters, I need to witness this movie and the reaction of everyone watching this. Also, this version of Sonic reminded me of this Edit: Just noticed Sonic's arms...
  13. G

    A pretty funny review of two Sonic games

    A pretty entertaining video if your into comedic game reviews.
  14. Deathless

    Sonic or Mario?

    I love them both but I have a soft spot for Sonic games just because I've been playing them since I was a child! :) (also maybe because it's probably what turned me into a furry lmao)
  15. Kojiro_highwind

    Simple commissions open

    Hey all. I don't get much work from the furry side of my audience so i figure i branch out a bit. I currently have my simple commissions open for 40$ bucks a pop. I have a fairly fast turn over of a couple of hours to a couple of days ( depending on how my heath is at the time) this gets you a...
  16. Brolyfangirl2

    Sonic Sketch Commissions (Starting at $5)

    I really need to save up, so I decide to start doing commissions! Bust: $5-6 ' Half: $7-8 Full: $9-10 For an extra $4, it can be colored! Extra character is +5! Only 3 slots will be available! I can draw: Humans Sonic NSFW Pokemon I can't draw: Certain fetishes(ex.Scat,Babyfur.)...
  17. E

    Video Game Furs

    We all know how much Sonic has influenced the fandom, but what about other games? Does anyone have any fun characters or sonas based around other video game creatures and races? And I'm not just talking about regular anthros who have been written into the game's story, but actual in-game...
  18. S

    Sarge's Art Dump

    I figured having one thread to post my stuff in would be more convenient than making a new thread for each piece. Here's my latest stuff that fit in with this website (oldest to newest).
  19. S

    Honey the Cat Bikini

    Here's the first art piece I posted on the main website. Let me know what you think. www.furaffinity.net: Flirty Beach Honey by sergeant16bit
  20. -Kioshi-

    The Design Dilema

    Oi there, just a hitup on these fur-ums. (eksdee) I'd like to ask you for an advice regarding design of my fursona. Rather a mascot, regarding my future use with it, but it doesn't really matter, I hope. You see, I used to be in a Sonic fandom. U s e d t o . From 2013 'till 2014. Then I...