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  1. Gangsta Fox

    Sony vegas help

    So I use Sony vegas to make very haha funny videos you see? Well now I have 2 drives. C drive and D drive. Is it possible to install the other drive? For free? Or do I have to re-register for a product I already own?
  2. C

    Sony is now banning Visual Novels

    "All communications and submissions between game companies and Sony are now filtered through their California branch, in English – not just the censorship, any complaints about the censorship now have to go through the team performing the censorship" Now the Vita is extra dead lol...
  3. TrishaCat

    E3 2018

    Its that time of the year again! The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2018, or E3 for short, is about to begin. From June 11 to June 14, game company after game company will unveil all their hot new games. New announcements will be made. New news will be unveiled. New game trailers will be shown...
  4. DylanM40

    Opinions On The Sony A6000

    I just got the Sony A6000 this past week. Got to play around with this weekend though didn't take any photos I was exactly proud of but that will come with time. I took some night time shots out in the country and did took some while in a park near where I live. I'll probably take some more...