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  1. hfd4

    Unable to read comics in new design.

    In the new design there is no way to move to the next or previous submission. To read the comic you must open each page in a separate tab. Why not make the switch using the left/right arrows, just like on deviantart or weasyl. If you decide to make a copy of the deviantart, then please copy not...
  2. A

    Looking for help putting stuff on TH and AO3

    Looking for someone to organize and put stuff on TH and AO3 Offering $20-$30 a month
  3. CyberMark

    Suggestions: Small Things that make a great Difference

    I have been enjoying FA (an Im using the new theme template) for quiet a while but there are a few implementations that I think would make the experience so much better. Please have in mind that I am no mod, or a programmer, and I am totally not qualified to make accurate propositions and that...
  4. MoonlightSpring

    Site Navigating Advice

    Any suggestions/tips/tricks/advice to navigating this website? i.e., looking at submissions, but sort by popularity (without specifying a species) Forgive me if this has already been discussed (which I'm sure it has). Maybe this could be a thread dedicated to different ways and techniques...
  5. Chuziku

    Bug/Site Problem: Folder management issue

    So me and a few others I know of, are having a issue with folder management. I had it sorted alphabeticly, and today I decided to make a few new folders. The folders got all messed up and it's all glitched out as I can't rearrange them anymore. Whenever I try to move one folder, it bops right...