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  1. Victorduval

    Need Help On Discord

    Hello friends. First of all, I want to say that, I am new to this forum. Recently I am facing an issue with Discord. I can't hear any other sound from my computer in Discord. I don't know anything special about this. Guys, can you help me with this?
  2. F

    Looking for an audio artist. Price range from 25-100$. Please only respond if you work with audio.

    I'm looking for an artist that works with NSFW slime sound that can do audio for specific settings. I am FireknightFlame#8464 on discord. Please, only Audio artist only, I am not looking for any drawn art at this time.
  3. HumblyDazin

    About sound-effects, voice acting etc..

    Hello there! About a week ago I made a journal on my furaffinity-account regarding voice-acting and sound-effects, and since I haven't really gotten any response I thought I'd take to these forums! I know that the two types of uploads when it comes to sound is either music or podcast but I was...
  4. kemo_the_kitty

    So, what do you think? :D

    So, I thought I could share with you one of my songs, well this is actually the first one xD This is a Future Bass or Pop song, however you wanna call it lol. Hope you really enjoy it, if you want to help me, which I would really REALLY appreciate it, just share the song or give it a...
  5. Ijaron

    post your music!

    her you can simply post every kind of music creation for example a soundcloudlink to a song you have made or a youtube link whatever you like the easiest way to show other people your music is by posting a soundcloud link a link like this one: due to the fact that you can play the track without...