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  1. ThunderSnowolf

    Thoughts about Saturn landings

    I know the glorious giant planet with the most visible rings is pretty much the topic of every space-related media nowadays, but I'm generally confused about the landings on YouTube. You can easily tell that a lot of them were faked because it would take about 7 or so years to physically get to...
  2. Cres Moon

    RP over Discord

    Here's the general concept of an rp I've been wanting to do for a while now. the year is 2198, the earth has been turned into a city planet with virtually barren of natural resources, and ruled by megacoporations, businesses that have taken over the governments and in some cases replaced them...
  3. T

    Is there anyone that plays as Rocket Racoon?

    I think itd be fun to have a scenario where rocket goes to a planet and finds a Roman style person there and takes him on action filled space adventures, as you do. so if you would like to play as Rocket Raccoon in something then this could be great fun! Im open for a lot of things that could...
  4. Arisu

    Space Child YCH

    Selling this ych! 20usd: flat colors 25usd: shaded 30usd: shaded + background! Contact me via telegram please (t.me: Arisu ✨ or via furaffinity! :) www.furaffinity.net: Space*Child YCH! by a-ri-suu
  5. Lupus Pistris

    Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins available now!!!

    I'm excited to announce a new series of books, a space saga, Orphan Guardian, Episode 1: Origins is available now at Amazon for Kindle download or borrows. Synopsis: Tyler Marcum, a decorated soldier with the U.S. Army is selected to participate in a top secret program where an international...
  6. Leo Whitepaw

    Space, Science 'n' stuff

    Right. What do you think is the best way for humans to reach Alpha Centauri, and other stars? I vote for Anti-Matter Annihilation thrusters.
  7. Pinky_the_demon

    New furry discord (the Jupiter Colony)

    Hello everyone! I am Captain Pinky and I would love to welcome you all to the Jupiter Colony It is a sci-fi themed furry server in outer space With lots of channels for any type of adventuring space cadet So come join us in the stars! New discoveries and planets await, in the Jupiter Colony...
  8. CandyStarsTasteSweet

    It was my first time buying art and I love him too much not to show off

  9. NachoChipz

    For Sale! (comes with HQ Drawing $65)

    So I Haven't had much attention on FA because my reach isn't quite there so I thought id try here. The Fur in question and being sold is Eclipse. I've had her for a long time but don't use her anymore, she has a HQ art piece by Eqval and a nude and GA Ref as well as a very cute Icon ^u^ I'm...
  10. Dachiia

    Space themed canine adoptables! ^^

    www.furaffinity.net: Space themed adoptables! [4/4 OPEN] by Dachiia I made these designs, and i really like them all honestly, but i have no need for them myself. i was hoping someone would be interested in one of them :) Thank for taking a look!! :D
  11. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Knights Chronicles

    Come and check out my comic Knights chronicles, it is a sci fi fantasy mecha comic that takes place in the future, it is posted weekly on here FA ,its on DA i also have it on tapastic and for more I have it on webtoon ,I do it all myself ,by hand ,and do tell me what you think about it, and yes...
  12. C

    Macro Fox in Space Pic

    www.furaffinity.net: A Macro Fox in Space by Crazydaisy Rocky is now in SPACE! Hopefully, he doesn't use the Earth as a afternoon snack. :) Tell me guys what do you think?
  13. fralea

    Baseless Adopt Auciton (closed)

    Go here if interested (slightly NSFW for nipples): www.furaffinity.net: Starshine adopt auction! SB $8 [open] by fralea Currently at SB End: Tuesday, March 14, 11pm ET (eastern time zone) more information in submission description Autobuy gets an additional painted headshot (of the same...
  14. DeadliestVenom

    Auctions and Adopts, low prices!

    I have a few auctions going on at the moment and wanted to advertise them a little! :) Grey wolf, auction ends 3/13/2017 www.furaffinity.net: Grey Wolf Auction by DeadliestVenom Peach canine, auction ends 3/10/2017 www.furaffinity.net: Peach Auction by DeadliestVenom Werewolf, auction ends...
  15. NetraKyram

    Space Station 13 - Yawn Wider Station

    yawn-widerstation.proboards.com: Home | Yawn-widerstation BYOND - Make & Play Online Multiplayer Games Look for us in the server listing for Space...
  16. MGFerret

    Latest page!

  17. n1ghtmar3w0lf

    Knights chronicles

    nagylouis.wixsite.com: FullMoonStories check that like to see my comic, i know it only have the 1 but more will come soon here is some art i did to so in a bit more detail the main forces of eahc side so far
  18. Foxxorz

    :U wat

    Hullo :3 I have been lurking around the art site for years and years and years and never bothered to check out the forum. WELL now I'm here and am going to give my input on things I find relevant to my interests! These things include foxes, sci-fi shit, and appearing to be (while not actually...
  19. orum

    Different adopts for sale 5-20$

    OPEN ADOPTABLES You can find my other artwork here: Userpage of orum -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Payments only through Paypal. To buy any of them note me on FA or make a conversation here. I also do custom adopts on any of theese bases for the same price. Cats, 6$ each. From left to right: 1...
  20. R

    What do you think of our art style?

    Robotic Potato Games here :D We've posted a few times here to get some feedback on our game SHMUP inspired game SpaceCats in Space! In the game, you take command of Princess Angel's feline fleet and battle against the evil dogs of the Grolich Empire. We've been working really hard to make sure...