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  1. S

    LF Sci-fi 1x1 over Discord or PMs

    Exactly what it says, folks! I'm mainly interested in themes like galactic bounty hunters or pirates floating around space to have adventures and such. Any species with any kind of power is allowed, but don't exaggerate it and go OP. No smut or cringy stuff, but no further requirements I...
  2. S

    Hiring artists for Ebook covers and spaceship art.

    Hi, my name is Snekguy and I write a NSFW science fiction series, along with a few random one-off stories usually featuring mythological creatures and the like. You can check out my content here: Snekguy is creating Erotic Fiction | Patreon Userpage of Snekguy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net What the...
  3. Andifferous

    Art of Andifferous

    Hey everyone, figured I'd throw some of my art up here, because why not. So, I absolutely love the game Planet Coaster, so here's a picture I did of one of the game's Mascot Characters, Gulpee Rex: Here's a pic of my OCs/sorta-'sona, Lilly and Violet, having a disagreement over choice of...
  4. R

    What do you think of our art style?

    Robotic Potato Games here :D We've posted a few times here to get some feedback on our game SHMUP inspired game SpaceCats in Space! In the game, you take command of Princess Angel's feline fleet and battle against the evil dogs of the Grolich Empire. We've been working really hard to make sure...