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  1. I

    Option for a streaming announcement instead of posting submissions

    Would it be possible to add an option that would allow users to send out a notification separate from submissions or journal notifications to cut down on dozens of deleted submissions or days to month old streaming posts? Possibly a notification page that isn't attached to the new submissions...
  2. AlphaGodith

    what constitutes 'spam' these days?

    a while back i had on my profile that i offered discounted commissions for folks that would help advertise my work, and i did raffles where you would have to create a journal advertising the raffle in order to be entered. i was told that these things counted as spam because part of the no-spam...
  3. AnonTheMouse

    Any way to filter out Patreon spam?

    These days, it seems like everybody is getting a Patreon. Good for you all, and best of luck with it. However, there's only so much money to go around, and I've got a pretty good idea from looking at people's galleries who I want to support. Making ~20% of the "New Submissions" I see censored or...
  4. Serathinian

    Obscene amounts of spam in "Site Discussions"

    Users jungsoon952 and soon19927 (Who're probably the same person) have been violently spamming the Site Discussions page. The entirety of Site Discussions has been buried. I'm alerting the mods to swiftly ban these users. EDIT: After putting some of the posts through Google Translate I've...