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sparkle dogs

  1. f3nnztar


    share ur sparkledog sonas!! ill start off with mine x3 this is dex!!! hes a big silly :3
  2. OstrichAdopts

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Set Price Canine Adopts ( €20 )

    Price: €20 each The buyer can make their adopt into an anthro if they want to : ) This base was made by Shinzessu! FurAffinity link - www.furaffinity.net: canine adopts [ 3/3 open ] by OstrichAdopts
  3. Le Chat Nécro

    What's your Sparkle-sona?

    Sparkledogs. Mary-Sues. Edgelords and Cringe Characters. We all know about them. We all love to hate them. And we've all probably had one at one point or another. So, I say let's embrace our bad decisions, dig deep into our teenage angst phases, and share our Sparkle-sona's with each other...
  4. K

    Anybody remember this type of stuff?

    The super chibi stuff of YouTube from our lord and saviors Kiya Lina, Bani The Kitty, Kay2036, etc. When Warrior Cats wasn't about emo pop music. YTPs, aka when memes were actually funny.
  5. GuroBurro

    I'm a Noob, Hi

    Hey, um, so yeah, my name's Dallas, a donkey/crocodile hybrid who is also a plush piñata filled with gummy gut candy. I like Candy Gore, soft vore, huge teeth, dinosaurs, crocodiles, etc. A little tidbit also is that I'm also the founder of Candy Gore/Vore May. Don't google it, I just came up...
  6. Fluorite

    Fluorite Commission Info

    Limited Avatar and Icon Commissions [OPEN] I accept haggles! Please read my Terms of Service before commissioning me! ~ * * * * * * * ~ Payment PayPal: Sparkledoggie Pay BEFORE I start. ~ * * * * * * * ~ Slots 1.) 2.) 3.) ~ * * * * * * * ~ ✎ 50x50 Pixel Icon [$5.00] Buy two get one 50%...