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  1. Jojer

    Sparklesonas and Wild Colors? How do they work?

    Because every sona suits their owner differently, I suspect there are many reasons as to why “natural” animals or even hybrid and fantastical beasts have “unnatural”, loud or vibrant colors and patterns that aren’t typically occurring in nature. How does your sona get those colors? Is it a...
  2. SourApplePunch

    (Commission) Selling: Discounted!! HQ SFW+NSFW ($25-$45+)

    hi y'all im bab! im new to the site and looking to build up some more commission examples :•) all of these prices are at a slight discount for the next few weeks while i work on new stuff! base prices: ❀ bust: $25 ✿ half body: $35 ❀ full body: $45 ✿ **complex character designs will be priced...
  3. AllTheWrongPieces

    Discount goretober commissions

    All you horror fan furs out there, welcome to my discount pop-up horror shop! I know posting NSFW stuff is a no go here, and I assume gore comes under that umbrella, so I'll link a few SFW pieces instead and a link to the prompt list. :3 ----- Prices for these coms start at: $10 - chibi $15...
  4. zombietoes

    Posed YCH! - 20$

    Full color/basic shading and clean lines! All still open. www.furaffinity.net: Strike a Pose YCH by Zombietoes