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  1. MoonxGlade

    Help a newbie find their purrfect species match!

    See what I did there? Sorry about that, I had to. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! This is my first post on the forum so I'm admittedly a little nervous and will probably end up rambling on for longer than is necessary. Hopefully you'll bear with me and end up giving me some good advice. ^^ I'm...
  2. K

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Hot Chocolate YCH $30-50

    Any gender, any species! Mug, hat, scarf, and sweater patterns are all customizable. $30 for flat color or $50 for full color, 5x7 in 300 dpi file. To reserve a slot, please leave a ref in a message and payment via paypal. Original: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/50066436/
  3. SootTiger

    Enovian Species

    ⋅ • ⋅ ⊰ ∙ ∘ ☽ ༓ ☾ ∘ ∙ ⊱ ⋅ • ⋅ Mountain Enovian were the first ever spotted by human eyes. Living amongst the rugged terrains of cliffsides and ranges, they adapted well to the varying grounds. With double dewclaws on their hind - and some times front - paws, these creatures scaled rocky hill...
  4. Strange_Aeonx

    Sketch Request

    I need an idea on how my new fursona would look but sadly I just can't flip the head angles properly, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sketch up a quick full body of my fursona from my species? All information is contained in my Sta.sh folder on DeviantArt HERE. Thank you so...
  5. F

    What is this species's name?

    One of my favorite furry species is one I can't find the name of anywhere, so where better to ask than a forum. It's not a bird, but it has a beak. It has these big fluffy ears and massive eyes. It stands kinda like those bipedal centaurs, whatever they're called. With the backwards knees. Any...
  6. neverendingsoda

    Sketchbook: Original Species Development Art!

    Not sure if this is better suited to here or the writing area, but I'm primarily a visual artist so this seems like the place ️ I'm working on getting down the lore & designs for my original species and I thought it would be fun to get it all in one place as it all develops! Here's what I have...
  7. O

    What am I attracted to?

    So, this is going to sound really weird, but here goes, I've been trying to figure out what furry species I'm attracted to. I know I'm attracted to females and I don't mind bigger women, but I want to draw, like, the dream girlfriend for my fursona, especially since I probably won't get one in...
  8. Bluefiremark II

    Hiring: ($50+) Looking for artists! (Closed)

    Hello all, i have recently decided to get more art- and i have plenry of money to throw at it! If your art is 50$ or more feel free to advertise here to me! I got lots of options to draw, from characters that haven't been drawn before, references or just casual pictures of existing characters...
  9. Paws the Opinicus

    How does your species fit into the world you inhabit?

    It may be difficult to explain this one's context here, as it is a two-parter that may not be well-defined, sorry. :) Basically asking out of curiosity, (1) what is the relation of your particular species to the world/setting itself, whether you have an otherdimensional, or non-Earth (or at...
  10. Trufflis

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) (SFW/NSFW) commissions [5 SLOTS OPEN]

    Examples: For extra info/prices/TOS, please see post on FA. For even more examples, please see my FA gallery. Thanks for viewing and I hope you have an amazing day! ^>^
  11. NorthernRed


    AUCTION RULES: • Do not bid on auctions if you are unsure you can afford it • Follow the bidding chain • If unpaid within 48 hours after receiving payment info, design will be re-auctioned (unless a longer deadline is requested) • Fake bidding is forbidden • I accept: Paypal, (Transfter)Wise...
  12. Crisahitna

    What Happens with the Inactive Open Species?

    So I'm currently making my Kellashee OC, and I originally made an attempt to try to contact the original species owner/founder for a opinion only to find out he's been inactive for about 5 years. I honestly don't know what usually happens in a circumstance like that. Do they semi-fade from the...
  13. JuniperW

    Started working on an original species! What do ya think? ;)

    Hello, all you wonderful people! I figured I'd make an original species for a book I'm planning. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't create one for yourself. They will not be labelled as 'closed', 'open', or have any specific guidelines. I, personally, dislike these distinctions. This is...
  14. Wheeze

    Any bearcat/binturong furs out there?

    i don't think i've seen a lot of furs who have a bearcat/binturong fursona, so i'm curious as to whether or not they're out there! my main sona is an alien bearcat ^^ if you also have a bearcat character feel free to drop their ref here, i want to see them !!!
  15. DeadAccount

    Favorite Species

    What is your favorite species in the furry fandom? Please do not start arguments! Everyone is entitled to their opinions!
  16. NorthernRed

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Auction: SPECIES CONCEPT + FULL PERMISSIONS

    Hi guys, I'm new to this site/forum so my apologies if something is not according to the rules. AUCTION RULES: • Do not bid on auctions if you are unsure you can afford it • If unpaid within 48 hours after receiving payment info, concept will be re-auctioned (unless a longer deadline is...
  17. Punji

    Species Desirability: Physical Verses Cultural Attractiveness

    It is no secret fursona species composition is heavily biases in favour of certain animals over others. Exactly why is this? Two common examples are wolves and foxes, both typically depicted in positive manners by Western societies. "Lone wolf," loyal like a wolf, "sly as the fox," "quick as a...
  18. B

    Day Drifters Fan Discord Server!

    Hey hey! There's this wicked open species that has been my favorite for a long while. They go by the name of day drifters and their owner/creator is Kedlead on DA and Amino! They are interdimensional beings that wear masks and bandages to keep themselves together. Some can become corrupt if they...
  19. Pyszka

    Do anyone know "Freaks"?

    Hello, It's my first post so be gentle ;; I have seen some cool dystopian videos on yt, and then I discovered "Dead Sound" and "Don't Feed Freaks" () I have several questions now xD Are "Freaks" closed species? Or maybe creator allow us to make our own one? What kind of hybrid is that...
  20. Ashwolves5

    If you were the size of your species..

    Say you suddenly find yourself as your fursona, but your the size of your species in real life! What would be the most difficult things to do after? Would you be upset or happy about it? I could image being a mouse would lead a very interesting day, as well a massive dragon would lol