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spirit animal

  1. El Pajaro Rembel

    El Pajaro Rembel - Newcomer.

    This is El Pajaro Rembel (Rembel Bird). Greetings. I am a newcomer and would like to introduce myself. I am 26 year old male. Let me share a bit of myself. My younger brother and I have always referred to each other as birds. I am using the name he gave me, Rembel (my friends say it...
  2. Defektess

    Adoptables Close Specie

    Hi, everyone! My specie is quite new but I think it will grow fast C: Here is a specie reference And here are some guys who still don't find family :c If you want to adopt them please comment here www.furaffinity.net: Dragonfleet Hound Adoptable Set #1-Set price-Open! by Defektess or...
  3. QtheSpaceCat

    I have no fursona

    Hello, my name is Q (yes actual real name).... I am new to FA. There is one thing in common amungst most furries that I don't have- Fusona's. I personally don't have a fursona, I am just Q, this interdimentional space cat, of human form, I am guided by the touch of the spirit of Cat and she...
  4. Kebechet

    Magic wands! Featuring your totem/fursona!

    Here's one that I'm currently working on: Prices vary, depending on wood type, size, complexity of the design you want, and if it has additional bits like inlaid gemstones, or antler. If I have a wood in stock, it's generally a bit cheaper. Prices: For wands with simple carvings, like paw...
  5. JoeStrike

    What kind of furry are you?

    UPDATE: I just fixed the poll to allow for multiple entries, which some people below had suggested... Hi, it's your friendly neighborhood greymuzzle again... I'm writing Furry Nation, the first book tracing our fandom's birth and growth and connecting it to the human instinct that's been...