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  1. luisedgarf

    What happened with Katmandu and how it ended?

    Hi everybody! I was a long-time of Carole Curtis' Katmandu and I barealy managed to know that the comic ended at 2018, after a long hiatus. Does somebody know how the comic ended? I'm especially interested what happened with both Liska and Leah's storylines and how they ended, especialy after...
  2. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Far Cry 5's ending.

    SPOILER WARNING How did y'all feel about Far Cry 5's ending? Far Cry 5 was a lot of fun, though fighting planes on foot was a nightmare early game.
  3. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Bandersnatch Thread

    First and foremost, USE SPOILER DROPDOWNS! Bandersnatch on Netflix, a part of the Black Mirror series, is absolutely amazing. It's a choose your own adventure movie, and we really need more of this genre. There is some fourth wall shit going on that is just amazingly executed.
  4. Tiger Socks

    Who else watched Game Of Thrones last night (warning may be spoilers)

    ALL I CAN SAY IS I EFFING KNEW IT I KNEW THE RED WITCH WOULD BE THE ONE AND Bolton deserved that but not from Ramsey :/
  5. Drexel97

    So has everyone overlooked the complexity of Emmitt Otterton's life? or what?

    SPOILERS. So while the nudist club wasn't breezed over, but like the fact that Emmitt was a member, and took a naked yoga class wasn't. Which you know whatever, you do you man, but like, he is made out to be this generic flat character but we get to go into the complexity of his nudist, working...