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  1. B

    Black Cat Appreciation Thread

    Aren't they simply charming? Black cats are my favorite kind of cat. They are beautiful, sweet, affectionate and are also the least likely to be adopted. Thinking of adopting a kitty? Adopt a black cat!
  2. Mae

    $5 Bust Shots!!~

    Hi there!! uwu BRAND new to the furaffinity community, and am looking to do some bust shots for some lovely individuals!~ Example of a unicorn-goat hybrid is as shown below- expect to receive a similar base! I can do any gender and species! Accepting payment via PayPal Give me a holler if...
  3. KyooTea

    What are you being for Halloween?

    I haven’t been on here in a while, recently moved across the country. I’ve missed you all! What are you doing this spooky season? I’m thinking of being Bulma from DBZ.
  4. Kinare


    You guys gonna play any spoopy games this year? Last year I didn't get to it. This year I've already played one slightly spoopy game called Stories Untold (it's really not that spoopy, just a little creepy and has an interesting story). It was pretty short, so I wouldn't recommend it unless on...
  5. CertifiedCervine

    Scare the user above you

    I make a lot of games lol While I’m waiting to send my job application to the North Pole, I figured, Us deer always celebrate Christmas all year early, why not with Halloween? So, you’ve found an opportunity to scare the user above you, how do you scare them?