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  1. attakai-yuki

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Cool Girl ADOPT (SB: 40$)

    SB | 40 USD AB | 100 USD |Rules| - Payment by PayPal only within 24 hours after the end of the auction. - Full-sized art without a watermark will be sent to the buyer after the full payment. - Do not sell the character for a higher price if you haven't added something (like a new art). - Please...
  2. D

    NBA talk

    Most recent news: Porzingis to the Mavs???
  3. Paintedfoxy

    MxM NSFW school sports, romance RP

    hiya! I’m Kyro, I’m looking for a partner to do a semi long term RO that is focused on a relationship between my character and a male sports player. I’m flexible on what sport but ideally my character would be a guy who has to make up some extra credit for school and to do so becomes a cheer...
  4. I

    Any other furries out there that are into extreme sports?

    I'm a skateboarder and I have been for most of my life, though outside of those I have met, only one other person I knew who was a furry was into skateboarding too. I wanted to know if anyone here is also into skateboarding, BMX, roller blades, snowboarding, or any other sport you might see in...
  5. S

    Greatest Quarterback in NFL history?

    So, if you've been paying attention to the NFL lately, you'd know that it is now playoff season and the Patriots with Tom Brady made it to the playoffs again. There are lots of rumors and speculations that Tom Brady is going to be the greatest Quarterback in NFL history by beating Joe Montana's...