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  1. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Request: Birthday Art!?

    Tomorrow be my 1st Birthday here on FAF! If anyone wants to draw me for practice, kicks, out of boredom.............you can! B Day themed, kinky, with your OC'S...............anything works! Ideas are on my User Page! Userpage of TrevorTheBlueSquirrel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Thanks very...
  2. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Possible Art Commission, anyone want in!? ( Open Again! )

    ( Please scroll down 2 the next big post 4 new details! ) I'm considering hitting up an artist on DA and FA for an art commission, this guy! 61021376 | DeviantArt Userpage of sheds -- Fur Affinity [dot] net He does mainly underwear and bondage pics, which is the subject I'd be going for...
  3. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Request: Holiday Sona Art?

    Happy Holidays to you all! I'd like to suggest that if anyone here would like to draw me, Trevor, with their OC's, that't be lovely! Whether holiday themed, wholesome, or kinky, I'd love to see anything you can doodle up! I would like to post any art that features me in my own gallery, and...
  4. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Late Introduction!

    I've realized that I never made an introduction post! I really meant to, really! Anyway, forget the negatives you've learned about me, and pretend I just got here! Or, tell me I'm great! I know you'll be embellishing!
  5. Raika

    Im happy to to be here

    Hello guys, Im very excited to join your lovely community! Im Raika, female and 21 yo. I work in an accounting department in germany :) In the past I ve met some furries with their fursuits in the past so I began to take pictures and talked with them. They showed me this kindly community and...
  6. ShamanSquirrel

    Critique: Honest and Civil Critiques Needed

    I am by no means the greatest or most popular artist on here, but I'd like to share my art and allow it to be critiqued. What am I doing wrong or right, etc. I use Krita to make backgrounds, using several layers; and I use SAI for the foreground, also several layers. Sometimes I use the same...
  7. ShamanSquirrel

    (Commission) Selling: ✿★❤ Low Cost Commissions! | Headshots $5 | Full Body $10 | Feral, Anthro, Almost anything! ✿★❤

    I posted my commission sheet a few weeks ago, but still have yet to hear from anyone interested in a commission from me. I know I'm not the best, but I like to do this for fun. Here are the rules for my commissions: * Paypal Only * Will begin as soon as payment arrives, however, may do a...
  8. Arokay

    Stolen Nuts

    My newest portfolio piece, looking for more feedback!
  9. ShamanSquirrel

    New to the Forum

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, but I've had a Furaffinity account for 4 or 5 years now. I've been a furry fan on and off for over 20 years. I consider myself a greymuzzle because I'm almost... ahem... 40. My account contains mostly adult content but some clean stuff too. It's the same user...
  10. M

    Chipmunk girls!

    Hello, I am not trying to spam But Indeed I'm looking for any girl that is into chipmunks, squirrels Etc. Trying meet any Girl into the Chipmunks movie! and Wants to be one of the munks! Well anyway THANKS️️️
  11. M

    I'm Looking For any Chipmunk Females

    Just looking for girls into chipmunks or squirrels well! Thanks☺️ Well anyone really.
  12. C

    How is squirrel and hedgehog propaganda?

    Alright so I'm nearing the end of the North Korean animated series known as squirrel and hedgehog. What I was told by multiple sources was a propaganda thing. However I see no such thing in this cartoon. I have been watching the series with subtitles and have seen nothing alluding to the...
  13. Barkly

    Squirrel Twitch Emote

    Heeey, :) I would like to give a buddy a present. Unfortunately I can not draw. It's about an emote for Twitch. (and sry for my english) ^^ Conditions: -PNG format - in the three sizes 28x28 px, 56x56 px and 112x112 px - do not exceed 25 KB -transparent background Can someone possibly draw...
  14. sharprealmcomics

    My characters are the only reason im alive today.

    This Gothic witch necromancer vampire warlock squirrel may seem like just seem like random art on FA but to me i owe my entire life to him and to me hes a god. In high school i was a very different and very ill person i had just moved to a new city and school and left behind me only friends to...
  15. AruAmu

    New Gal Here!

    Hi guys! I'm Aru and I'm new to this site and to the furry fandom. Please be kind and let me know the ropes of this fandom. My fursona is a pure white squirrel-deer with a grey belly called Arianna! She's lazy and sleeps a lot but she loves having a good time with friends and at parties!
  16. CosmicNymph

    ♥ Nymph's Adoptables ♥

    My first adoptables batch is up! Check'em out here: www.furaffinity.net: Adoptables: Batch #1 Auction by CosmicNymph Adoptable #1 Starting Bid: $20 Minimum increment: $5 Autobuy: $100 Adoptable #2 Starting Bid: $25 Minimum increment: $5 Autobuy: none Adoptable #3 Starting Bid: $20 Minimum...
  17. L

    Attaching a Squirrel Tail Partial?

    Hello all, I'm not really new to cosplay but I am new to fur-related cosplay. I managed to build a squirrel yarn tail that I thought was going to hold up a lot better on its own than it did and now I have no idea how to make it attachable. Sorry for horrible image, it's not 100% done I need...
  18. fralea

    Baseless Adopt Auciton (closed)

    Go here if interested (slightly NSFW for nipples): www.furaffinity.net: Starshine adopt auction! SB $8 [open] by fralea Currently at SB End: Tuesday, March 14, 11pm ET (eastern time zone) more information in submission description Autobuy gets an additional painted headshot (of the same...
  19. nannerchu

    Custom Color Palette Auction

    Trying something new, and a hosting a choose your own color palette auction! Winner gets to choose their own colors. More information and bidding is located here: www.furaffinity.net: CUSTOM PALETTE AUCTION by nannerchu Feel free to ask questions here, or note me on FA!
  20. D

    Squirrel tail

    Hi there! New member here, I'm not really a furry, but I am a cosplayer working on Marvel's Squirrel Girl and my boyfriend and I are stumped on the tail. After much searching on the internet and a... not super great looking half a first attempt I figured I'd hit up the experts! I'm hoping to...