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star wars

  1. Officer Sky

    Opening my commissions

    If youre interested leave a comment or pm^^ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46859210/?upload-successful
  2. Officer Sky

    Star Wars Art trade

    Hey there everyone im currently looking for someone who maybe has a Sith fursona about a art trade. would like to draw some jedi aginst sith fighting scenes.
  3. Officer Sky

    Star Wars Art trade

    Hey there everyone im currently looking for someone who maybe has a Sith fursona about a art trade. would like to draw some jedi aginst sith fighting scenes.
  4. D

    Hiring: Star Wars Theme character with kinks

    Is there any artist or anyone out there that can help me with improving and fixing my character with some kinks that I have in mind. I want to do a breast expansion and vore. type idea with a character that I have. Looking for a good quality work at a cheap price.
  5. D

    Star Wars Theme Role PLay with NSFW or Kinky

    I want to do a Star Wars theme role play. Anyone out there up for it? If you're interested in starting a RP or want me to join, here is my discord: BridgeZlin#8056
  6. DraskSynth

    Interested in Star Wars RP

    I’m looking for anyone interested in doing some fun (N)SFW RP in the Star Wars universe because I am a big nerd. >I’m okay with any particular style of RP >Inspired by the Mandalorian >I have a Synth OC that is a bounty hunter, looking to work for a just cause >the Kaminoans created him to...
  7. T

    "Star Wars: Mandalorian" responded enthusiastically

    The first episode of "Star Wars:Mandalorian" has just been on Disney + less than two days, and the response among the fans is quite enthusiastic. In addition to the main character did not pick up the helmet, it is a gift for the Star Wars fans. Today's "Mandalorian" producer Jon Favreau...
  8. M

    Which of these technologies (on this list) would be very hard to do in Star Wars?

    List of hypothetical technologies - Wikipedia
  9. Corran Orreaux

    Critique: An attempt at writing Star wars (Currently untitled)

    Hey! Well, I've had... so many ideas for a star wars story series thing and I think I'm finally aligning something I'm confident in! I guess consider this small bit to be a prologue. Could you tell me what you think? Thanks. -- Night no longer existed, not on Urdin. Day was marked by...
  10. M

    What could a scientist in my Star Wars fan fic story be looking to create?

    Im trying to write a story about a scientist who is working on something in the era of the New Republic. He does not believe in the Force. I just need something for him to be researching. It really isn’t that important to the story; it just has to sound cool and scientific. Also it can’t have...
  11. I

    Son Pranks Religious Mom With Ewan McGregor 'Jesus Picture'

    The prankster, named Ryan, presented the picture of 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' from the Star Wars film Attack of the Clones , but his religious mom thought she'd unwrapped a painting of Jesus and hung it up on the wall. Full Story Here www.ladbible.com: Son Pranks Religious Mum With Ewan McGregor 'Jesus...
  12. H

    starting/restarting a let's play and art stuff youtube channel

    so iv try a few times to do a few thing on youtube but iv always been really perfectionist with a lot of the video but im trying at it again, iv got a few let's play planned as well a few speedpaint after i figure out how to make speed up the video as well as a few how to make videos after i get...
  13. M

    What else do you think the scientists of the Star Wars galaxy are working on?

    Just Kyber crystals?! In Catalyst, we learned about how Galen Erso worked on weaponizing Kyber crystals. First off. Is their society so unadvanced that they are messing around with crystals? Okay they are supposed to fuel the Death Star and are part of the plot, I just find it so strange that...
  14. Laphin

    Star Wars: Battlefront II Hype

    We must protect the MTT!!! Dude, that Beta for BFII was just amazing.. and my body is ready for the rest of the game. I think this Star Wars game will nail it and be a classic, just like Battlefield 1 is doing pretty damn good right now. I am SO glad that EA listened to fans and are fixing up...
  15. D

    A Star Wars RP

    Im looking to start a story driven, possibly NSFW, Rp. The type of characters will determine the age we start in or a overall preference. Rules: 1. No OP characters, you will be kicked for trying to be God. 2. Use proper grammar. 3. No one liner posts, this will be story based and will...
  16. Silver Wind34

    Furry Star Wars RP

    Hey all, I'd like to start an RP if anybody is up for it. It'll be my first so bare with me if you could. I'd like the theme to be set in Star Wars but with much more furry. Doesn't really matter to me what timeline it takes place in really. Just let me know if you are interested and put your...
  17. Kyzarius

    Hobbies and Interests

    Other than the art I post on FA at Userpage of kyzarius -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (shameless plug lol) I perform lightsaber choreographies at local cons and events here in Malaysia with a team. Speaking of which, big hello from Malaysia and good/morning/afternoon/evening wherever you guys are...