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  1. SculptingBear

    (Other) Selling: Star Wolf Bust ($80 OBO)

    Making a separate post for this guy. Price is NOT firm- contact me with an offer! Shipping is included! AKA "Galaxy Brian" AKA "Star Dreamer" "Let those who sleep continue to dream." I really enjoyed making this one! It's my first time sculpting bone and using a new painting technique, and...
  2. Ra'ara Su'nai

    New original species. (Feedback requested)

    So I've had an idea for a long time for a species of my own called Crystalline Astral Dragons (referred to simply as Astral Dragons from this point on). I've put a lot of thought into them, and though the lore behind them still needs some work, I believe I've got a solid base for a custom...
  3. Violet McCurleyque

    Cyclops Cat adoptables!

    Adoptables: Cyclops Cat Hey guys! I've got my first batch of adoptables in and I'm very excited The basic colored versions on the top row are all 15 dollars a piece with the bottom row of delux skins at 25 dollars a piece. This is a paypal only sale on a first come first serve basis. Please...
  4. GabyHamster

    ☽ Art Nouveau YCH! ☾

    I am a big fan of this direction, so I decided to please you with amazing YCH auctions based on the creativity of Mucha and Klimt! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------— Lot 1 (woah, like true selling paintings at...
  5. R

    Chance to win this Babe in a Raffle

    If you have a DeviantArt account this bade is the prize for my raffle check it out. Need to find it a good home please. reekarose.deviantart.com: Raffle Win Token Spirit of Starry Waters