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  1. TrishaCat

    I got a Steam Deck!

    It took a hell of a long time for it to be my turn in the queue but I finally got a Steam Deck! 512GB model, specifically. It runs a lot of games like a charm! Even handles emulation just fine, at least PS2 emulation anyways. It being Linux based, it was a pain in the ass to get 7zip to work on...
  2. Loudly

    Any CSGO players that want to queue together?

    I'm looking for new friends to play csgo with as I've grown tired of playing solo after years now. I'm DMG and located in EU but NA works for me as well. Lmk if you want to queue : )
  3. S

    Help with Rage2 audio bug

    I bought rage 2 and I noticed something annoying as hell Everytime I go into overdrive or honk the horn the audio bug plays. It's very annoying.
  4. S

    Is it possible to mod middle earth SOM or SOW?

    It's it possible to change the enemies with different models? I wanna play as Talion as a lion or a dog or a wolf or make the orcs like dogs or cats or any kind of anthropomorphic animals.
  5. S


    This game is hard as fuck i was about to blowup the generator
  6. S

    My gameplay of RYSE son of rome

    This game isnt open world but the arena is fun though I hope the next ryse sequel becomes open world. Oh yeah this is my YouTube channel and video.
  7. S

    chill music for art drawing

    i mostly listen to chill or other musics to fit the scenes for my characters and for war i listen to metal. i mostly use Spotify or YouTube or i use steam music player.
  8. foxclaws98k

    Pixelmon & Steam friends?

    I own a Pixelmon server with a custom modpack and share a public Discord with my boyfriend. I play lots of games on Steam, mostly Warframe and farming/survival games. Looking for friends, note me on FA, add on Steam, or add on Discord if you want to play stuff together. I'm open to RP too.
  9. driftingdragon

    LISA: Feedback, Favorites, and Gameplay strategies.

    Hi everyone! LISA and the DLC LISA: The joyful is a common topic of conversation for those of you who know me well. I was just opening this thread to see how many other LISA fans are out there. And what you all have to say about it. One of my favorite things other than the diverse game-play...
  10. NovaKCT

    Paws Made Of Stars | YouTube Gaming Channel

    I currently have three videos up, and more to come, with Episode 2 of 8bitmmo, actually having my voice! It's a bit scratchy, because I have allergies right now, always happens about a week into school, and I would like all of you guys to check it out! I will be trying to find ways to make it...
  11. IAmKnotMax

    (Commission) Selling: [$5 - $20+] Sfw/Nsfw

    Terms of Service and Accepted Payment Methods: docs.google.com: Commission Info Telegram: @IAmKnotMax Steam: Max Discord: IAmKnotMax#5491 FurAffinity: IAmKnotMax Prices: Headshots - Example 1 - Example 2 $5 Sketch $8 Lined $12 Lined and Colored Busts - Example 1 $8 Sketch $12 Lined $16 Lined...
  12. Misha Bordiga Zahradník

    Steam Sale!

    Year of the capitalist cop pig sale is going on steam, and shit is really cheap right now. Don't feel pressured to go for the 5$ off, because you can just pick something up for like 5$, or even some new games for 20$. (USD)
  13. C

    Tencent/Epic making their own version of Steam

    I REALLY don't like Tencent but hopefully this will make Steam get off their asses and improve their platform The Epic store claims to not have DRM and that developers will get a 88% profit gain in sales while Steam offers 65% http://archive.is/n1vQp
  14. Archon

    Resident Evil 6 - Mechanics Guide

    Steam Community :: Guide :: Resident Evil 6 Basic and Advanced Mechanics Trying to get this guide out to as many people as I can. The game doesn't really clue in the player on how to put everything in 6 together, but it can lead to some great scenarios when done properly. Such as this for...
  15. E

    I have created a war thunder furry group!

    So come and join if you are interested! It's on steam under /WTfurrs inviting non furry close friends is allowed!
  16. Mystery117

    What's in your gaming back log?

    basically, what games do you have, but haven't gotten around to playing/completing yet? for example, I have TONS of games I haven't gotten around to playing thanks to the Steam winter sale Like: -Alien Vs Predator 2011 -Aliens colonial Marines (for the lulz ofc XD) -Cities Skylines -Civ V and VI...
  17. B

    Anyone play Paladins?

    I play Paladins on Mac (not the best idea ik) and I would like to play with someone sometime or just have you added as a friend? I usually play Kinessa or Seris, can't wait to see if anyone else plays! My username is blumensocken!
  18. Aaron U Pictus

    WildPictus keen to find new gaming freinds

    Hey all of you! :D So I am technically still new to the steam gaming world and haven't many furs to play games and discord with. I am keen to meet some of you and perhaps make a good few friends along the way ^_^ If you're keen let me know! My Steam ID is: Steam Community :: WildPictus And my...
  19. B

    Any Virtual Reality furs out here ?

    Hey guys ! I'm looking for new friends to play VR with. I own a rift, but can play pretty much anything, so tell me if you're interested ! On a sidenote, also play Rocket League and Overwatch. Steam Community :: blattepop Looking forward to meet you :P
  20. D

    Who is ready for the Steam Winter Sale?

    Time to empty the wallet, folks.