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  1. D

    Can we all just agree to stop talking political?

    I know I have said many things that people disagree with. And I disagree with a lot of you as well, but it is getting us nowhere. You know as well as I do that you won't change me and I won't be able to change you. This isn't an attack on free speech, this is an opprotunity for us to agree on...
  2. T


    Over the time I've been here, I've noticed the site has picked up quite a lot of spambots, specifically from the Korean Peninsula. This NEEDS to stop... Is there any way to IP ban them? It's getting out of hand.
  3. Ryuu Girl

    It's your fault if you failed to update your electronic mail.

    Disclaimer: Different opinions. This does not apply to you if you remember your information but the FA system refuses to send you a confirmation code. "But I made an accounts so people don't know I'm a furry or like porn!":oops: If you cared about your account you would have ensured that you...