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  1. Horatio Husky

    Looking for feedback on fantasy story featuring foxes!

    First chapter can be found here. <-- CW: ABDL content, 18+!
  2. Doppelfoxx

    Furry author looking to take on exclusive furry story commissions!

    Have a fursona backstory you haven't quite worked out yet? A story you want to tell about your OC? Hi there! My name is Gabriel Foxx, co-founder of Doppelfoxx. After spending the last five years writing, I've been working on my books for a long while now, and would absolutely love to accept...
  3. karikage

    Trouble revisiting a TF story.

    Hi all. I’m not sure if this is the right thread to post in. There was a transformation story I read in the past that I would like to revisit, but like the idiot I am I did not fav or bookmark it. I want to find it again and wonder if any of you guys would be able to help me out. I had a...
  4. Brimaku

    Looking for NSFW or SFW RP (Discord)

    Hey there, I made a thread here quite a while ago and thought to renew it and see what happens. I'm looking for a NSFW or SFW RP partner. I have a few characters which I'm willing to show and talk through if you're interested! The first of my characters is featured on my profile icon, he's...
  5. Senpaiithon

    Is there a character limit for submission descriptions?

    Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this, it seemed like the best option. I want to write a story based off some artwork I commissioned a bit ago, is there a character limit I need to know about? I would rather put the story in the description rather than it’s own separate...
  6. AmethystMare

    Commissions OPEN [SELLING] for story writing, from SFW to extreme NSFW!

    Experienced, full-time commission author OPEN for work! I have a solid back catalogue of work and many happy clients with over 1700 stories and projects written over ten years of taking commissions. I am happy to cover anything and everything, from clean, slice of life stories and adventure to...
  7. D

    Interest Gauge: Audio Story Project

    Hello All! So I personally love story-telling. I love writing, voice acting, audio editing and the like. I've taught myself a bit about these different fields and while I am far from perfect or professional, I still really like doing it. I've always wanted to join a sort of project where I...
  8. F

    Looking for a transufr story

    I read such a story on the main website, unfortunately I forgot to bookmark it. A female wolf is kidnapped and forced to transform into a rubber-like creature, and at the end of the story, the mystery man who comes out says she will be sold as a toy. Any ideas on who crated this?
  9. ashton the cabbit

    campfire stories

    what are some good stories tat happened to you at a campfire. go on, were listening.
  10. killjoyrule

    (Nsfw) Dragon looking for a bit deeper story then just a erotic rp.

    Honestly ive been out of the scene on the rp front for awhile and am trying to poke my head back in. Im looking for a long term deeper story rp involving the love between two dragons. Im not looking for a skin deep affection im looking to roleplay something more substancial. Im very partial to...
  11. Paws the Opinicus

    How does your species fit into the world you inhabit?

    It may be difficult to explain this one's context here, as it is a two-parter that may not be well-defined, sorry. :) Basically asking out of curiosity, (1) what is the relation of your particular species to the world/setting itself, whether you have an otherdimensional, or non-Earth (or at...
  12. F3L4N

    Looking for an Feral Macro Grow Story Idea creator [SFW]

    Hi, i hope thats the right way to do this. :) I am in search of an Idea Creator for a few Macro Story´s about two Wolves and one Dragon. I´ve already got a few Story´s about the Wolves, but i need some different Macro "Action" "thing" whatever you gonna call it, but and thats the problem i don´t...
  13. sausy1

    Any tips on writing this specific type of TF?

    I would like to write a simple TF story where a teenage boy grows a really large dragon tail and a few minor draconic features on top. Something like this: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8562855/ Do you have any tips for writing this specific TF? This would be my first TF story, so tips would...
  14. Thatguywholikesfood

    (NSFW) A Strange Picture (Lucario Tf)

    After a long day at work, Jake wants to do nothing more then browse his favourite Pokemon but quickly finds something better then any picture. Pt1 of 4 (More parts being added over time!) A Strange Picture - Lucario tf by Thatguywholikesfood -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  15. sausy1

    Tips on writing TF Outlines

    I know that when writing a transformation story, the first thing you should do is outline how the transformation progresses over time. I've never written a completed TF outline, so do you have any tips?
  16. sausy1

    Ideas for character arcs

    I'm writing a story where an investigator named Oliver is transformed over the course of two weeks. I decided ahead of time that I wanted to write a slow-paced story exploring the consequences of a transformation in a realistic scenario. I wanted to place a greater emphasis on how Oliver reacts...
  17. sausy1

    Critique - My very simple TF story outline

    This is the story of a student named Daryl who is expected to cast a simple spell on himself and write an essay on his experiences. He picks a spell that gives him a lizard tail. The story is called "My Glorious Bastard Tail" or something like that. I think the title does a good job at...
  18. Horatio Husky

    (NSFW) The Curse (Diapers/Hypno/Furry/Braindrain) [Comm]

    When Dylan goes to find himself some entertainment, the donkey finds that tempting fate can have unforseen, crinkly consequences. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/41482718/
  19. D

    Looking to commission a short very nsfw piece

    Hello to all of you fabulous furry writers! I'm looking to commission something rather unique and very naughty. I am looking for a monologue of a cruel dragon or beast talking to the reader. I am looking for a turnaround time of 1-3 days if possible. I can provide more details in a private...
  20. C

    (xpost) Silvanya and Arelle - (incomplete) story of dragon women and a bath. What do you think?

    Note: This has been posted in the writing subsection as well. Hello to all. I am currently working on a short story involving two half dragon characters named Silvanya and Arelle. There isn't a whole lot to the story, in truth. It's just a cute piece about the two of them taking a bath...