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  1. C

    (xpost) Does anyone have suggestions for cute, lightly sexual books/comics/etc with half-dragon women? [details in post]

    (Identical to post here, decided to put it here as well. Apologies if this is the wrong section of the forum for it. Since this section is specifically dedicated to writing, self plugs are absolutely fine.) Hi. So, I just made this account and a related one on FA itself. I admit a healthy...
  2. C

    Does anyone have suggestions for cute, lightly sexual books/comics/etc with half-dragon women? [details in post]

    Hi. So, I just made this account and a related one on FA itself. I admit a healthy amount of trepidation. I worry about whether others would find this (I feel like that is unlikely, I took precautions, but that only does so much to mollify me). I am, frankly, embarrassed by my desire for what I...
  3. Guifrog

    How much has your sona's story/role in your life changed?

    When I created my blue poison frog character back in 2018, I'd imagine some powers, a parallel world and a little backstory that I could possibly use for RPs. It made sense for me to connect his personality to mine, and at the same time, enjoy the unlimited possibilities of fantasy. I feel like...
  4. Ember_Kamura

    Project Warblade Chapter Updates!

    Ah, greetings everyone! I've managed to get some updates done to my series, Project Warblade that takes place in my wolvan empire setting. It essentially involves my OC, vincent, as he is created within the depths of a Darkwolf Biological Research Lab. The story has been up for a while now, and...
  5. W

    Critique: Requesting Feedback on the First Five Chapters of My First Story!

    Hi all! I've been a long time lurker in the TF fandom and finally got around to writing out a TF story concept I've kicked around for years. So far, I've written the first part of the story (five chapters) and am in the process of revising them before I move onto the next part. I'm looking for...
  6. KageKamonohashi

    [RP] Shift of Power

    Rules: This is obviously SFW, please keep it PG. I rather not have the mods mad at me. Godmodding is obviously not allowed unless specific actions are discussed and agreed to privately between players. Magic is ok, this is dragons after all, but try not to be too OP. Playing with a perfect...
  7. KageKamonohashi

    Feral Dragon Rp [SFW]

    Hey everyone! I'm currently looking for a few rp partners to do some SFW feral dragon rps (or drake or human if you prefer). I just ask that my partner type in the third person and at least try to write a few sentences per post. You don't have to be an amazing writer, but it makes it hard for me...
  8. DariusTheLoony

    The Politically Correct World Of Darius

    Are you looking for a hot new take on cartoons? Are you looking for a new adventure just waiting to happen? Are you looking to see a brand new adventure story that you could only see in the movies like who framed Rodger rabbit or cool world? Then this is definitely the story that you have been...
  9. ShroudedCelestial

    (Commission) Selling: [Prices Start at $5] Written Commission Sale! Original SFW/NSFW Stories 20% Off! 5,000 words or more

    Greetings to all. I am the Shrouded Celestial, though you may call me C. A. Harrington or C. A. if you'd like. I would love to take on the challenge and privilege of writing for you. Be it a poem, song lyrics, or even something quick to tickle your senses, I'm here to provide for you. Take the...
  10. SugarSkullGlider

    Prompts/Stories ($5 fixed for 500 word min)

    Hey all, So with my digital/traditional artwork on hold due to some freebs/commissions I am doing, on the side I wanted to open up commissions for my writing. Samples can be found here..Artwork Gallery for SugarSkullGlider -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Rules 1) I am willing to try anything from...
  11. BrunoMax895

    Looking for a writer for a possible motion comic on YouTube

    Hello there, everyone. My name's Jared and I've always wanted to have an animation channel on YouTube. At the moment, I just finished the pilot episode for my animated comedy series, V.I.P. Very Important Pup and had it upload to my channel. Here's a link to it if anyone is interested: Anyway...
  12. R


  13. F

    Commissions Open! (NSFW/SFW)

    Hey all, open to write stories at the moment. I'm still a bit new when it comes to writing stuff, but I'm willing to try most things (nsfw and kinks included, to be discussed on a per user basis) Prices are around 12.5-15 dollars per 1000 Words, though that can go lower depending on the...
  14. Macrofurry_Writer

    (Commission) Selling: Writing commissioner seeks 175 for virus related bills

    I am seeking people interested in having a story written. I have up to 2 slots avalible though if I don't reach my target of 175 USD due to bills in one to 2 slots I might open one or two more. I don't want it to come to that. Please PM if you want to see an example of my past work, etc.
  15. SequoiaH

    Come Scope My First Completed Commission! (Tickles)

    Whether or not 'tickle torture' is your thing, come take a gander at my newest submission. It was an engaging and entertaining commission which I just finished for a client, and is set in the world of Neopets. As a side note, it is rated 'Adult', so sorry younger readers! The Pirates Folly...
  16. kiaazad

    (Other) Selling: Create your own games from your characters art and story ($500 and up)

    Have you ever wanted to see the characters you've creating in a game? Do you have a story to tell but just writing it down doesn't seem enough? I'm here to help you turn your idea, art and story into games. With my skill set, I can help you from the idea bouncing stage all the way to the finish...
  17. W

    Strange interests

    So, the first time i heard about furries was watching a documentary about it when i was 8 years old. The first thing i saw this i thought: wtf is that!? What these crazy people have in their heads? At the time i had a kind of contempt of it. After some years , when i was 12 years old i was...
  18. DariusTheLoony

    Soul Thief (Original Story - Ongoing)

    Greetings ladies and gentlemen, furries all alike, I wanted to introduce my newest story to you all, I write one or two chapters a week every weekend. Trust me when I say that it is not your ordinary story and it is for individuals that is 18 and up so you were discretion is advised...
  19. Bluefiremark II

    Ask about characters!

    Hey all! I'm feelin like sharing some of the stories and characters i have, so i decided to make this. Basically, you can ask anything you want about any character. Whether its something like: do they like traveling Or, what is their backstory? Now, i don't have all characters shown here so you...
  20. F

    Khajiit love story: vote on the race of the male character (CLOSED)

    I'm planning on writing a khajiit love story soon on a Google doc. I know the female will be a khajiit. What race should the male be? I'll go through comments and choose in a few days. The vote is between Nord or Khajiit. (I would add argonian, but argonians lay eggs, while khajiits give birth...