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  1. Lakue


  2. C

    wanting to do a"roman meets tribe" type roleplay

    So ive been having an idea for a roleplay where my charater is a "Roman" type soldier character who, flees through a forest or such, bleeding, hurt, and ends up finding refuge amongst a tribe of people who takes him in. so your character would be one of these tribesmen/tribeswomen. our...
  3. P.D.Tokay

    I did a film clip for my 80s inspired music project

    My project is a story about a private detective working to bring down a mega corperation in a 80s neotokyo/blade runner type city. I do music, artwork and film clips to tell the story Check it out!
  4. Prostapheresys

    here is my first story!

    It took me a while but I finally did it! Here it is: www.furaffinity.net: Ignis fatui: a fateful encounter by prostap I intend to later write a "sequel" to the story, even though I think the two will be independent enough to be read individually without losing track of the character or the plot...
  5. Diretooth

    Story Time!

    What is this? This is a forum game where someone posts a part to a story and leaves it off to where other people can continue it. Rules: You must continue along the thread of the previous post. If you post, but another person posts first, your post is rendered non-canon. You may edit said post...
  6. TheOriginalDaddyD

    Looking for Guest Stars

    I am writing a massive collection of stories called the Fantasy Palace and I am looking for people who's fursona's or characters would like to make an appearance in one of the many shows or private events the Palace holds. The fantasy palace takes place in a magical world with steam and diesel...
  7. Xiraxis

    Zootopia Fanfic - Looking for co-author

    I am making this topic, because I want to find volunteers, which would find entertainment in the creation of a fan story based on Zootopia universe. Especially discussion concerning the draft of the story (dominant plot/conflict), moving to the design of eventual new characters, characteristics...
  8. Valisha

    Story of the black panther in N.C

    I just turned 11 years old (I'm 18 now). Moved from the Peach capital of Georgia up to North Carolina's backwoods. Deer everywhere you turn, rabbits, and some foxes every now and then. Everyone knows everyone, dirt roads, and patches of crops growing. Getting to know the place my mom went out...
  9. Closer-To-The-Sun

    Looking for artist(s) to draw characters

    Hello all. I'm seeking someone to draw my five main characters for a story I'm working on. Since my artistic talent is almost non-existent (there is some, but not what I want for this), I'm seeking out and hoping someone would be interested in taking part. It can just be simple sketches, or...
  10. Zipline

    Have you kissed/been kissed before?

    Have you had one yet, what was it like, where were you? If not, is there someone that you do like? My first was at a birthday party for a member of our group. We were at her house having fun dancing in the garage and playing with balloons. Eating sushi and playing video games. Her sister was...
  11. M

    Story text not showing

    After the attack on FA I had to resubmit the first couple of chapters of a story. Didn't really mind as I'm writing this for fun, and I'm not expecting many people to read it and be angry about it being taken down. But I re-uploaded the story so far as .txt instead of .doc so that the story...
  12. feder

    Feder's Storytime Commissions

    Hi guys. I do stories, specializing in Transformation, and I'm open for commission. Short TF Stories (500-ish words) A short transformation story of whatever you want(within reason) Minimum 500 words, maximum 800. $20.00 dollars. Longer Stories ( 900 - 1100) $50.00 dollars Even More Words...
  13. MAGIKzMushroom

    Lucario and the Aftermath

    If anyone can please give me some feedback on my writing so far, it would be much appreciated. Please bear in mind this is pretty much the first thing I have written. Prologue: www.furaffinity.net: Lucario and the Aftermath: Prologue by MAGIKzMushroom Chapter 1: www.furaffinity.net: Lucario...
  14. MAGIKzMushroom

    Lucario and the Aftermath

    If anyone can please give me some feedback on my writing so far, it would be much appreciated. Please bear in mind this is pretty much the first thing I have written. Prologue: www.furaffinity.net: Lucario and the Aftermath: Prologue by MAGIKzMushroom Chapter 1...
  15. Notkastar

    "S.P.O.O.K" The Ghostly Organization!

    Hiya, The names Notkastar and I just got promoted to Specter! I know without any context that makes as much sense as me proclaiming I eat the color blue but, I just felt so happy with finally getting promoted I just had to tell someone! Now for the Context, I work for the Ghostly Organization...
  16. Candy Corn

    Little WIP furry fic~~

    Hey! Candy corn here~ I did write myself into the story, if you were wondering. I know it's sinful... I couldn't help myself. Here's the link: www.quotev.com: Dark Demon's past
  17. MAGIKzMushroom

    First Short Story

    I would love some feedback on my first short story, I wrote as a trade for some art. Link: www.furaffinity.net: Brisk's and Noah's date by MAGIKzMushroom
  18. Sparks-Litepaw

    Horror Short Stories

    Hi there. Looking to write some horror shorts, and looking at perhaps doing a few trades! I was planning them to be about 1000 words minimum. I have a few scenarios that i'd write but you can suggest/request some if you wish. Basically, i'd like to have your characters involved. It allows me...
  19. Sparks-Litepaw

    Critique Requested

    Hi there. Since the website isn't quite back to how it used to be, the critique thread seems to have vanished! So i'll post a new one. I'm looking for critique on two stories i've uploaded to my FA Account Artwork Gallery for Sparks-Litepaw -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I know they're very...
  20. T

    Furry Story Editing Services- Your Stories, Better, for Cheap!

    Howdy, writers! Tired of grammar nazis always dinging your stories on technicalities? Upset that your characters aren’t coming across as distinct and unique as you meant? Got a wonderful idea for an erotic/fetish scene but just can’t seem to fill in all the plot holes? Then have I got a deal...